Google Firebase: The all-in-one solution for app marketing
Read Time: 3 Minutes

Google Firebase: The all-in-one solution for app marketing

12 Jun, 2018 Read Time: 3 Minutes
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When it comes to choosing an analytics solution for your app, you'll want to choose a product that gives you the most accurate results and insight, without adding too much extra to your already busy workload.

I mean, just think of all the digital marketing solutions you already use in order to track and engage with your users and gain insights?

In that list, I'm sure you had a tag management solution for tracking and an analytics solution for reporting. You’ll then use other tools for optimisation, email and some for paid media to engage with your users. What if, for your mobile app analytics, you could track, report and engage with your audience using only one solution?

Introducing: Google Firebase.

When it comes to mobile app marketing and analysis, Firebase is the easy choice. It lets you use your mobile analytics data alongside features that will provide users with a better customer experience. Within the Firebase platform, you’ll notice the following features:

Entities like NPR use Firebase to gain a deep understanding of app engagement across different devices and create better campaigns. Here is a good case study on how Firebase helps solve cross-device tracking issues.

You can find out more about Firebase on our dedicated training course.

Remote Config

Create perfect personalisation with Remote Config

Remote Config lets you tailor the experience an individual user receives whilst using your app. You can change the app’s look and feel, its behaviour or language without having to do a code update. Using the Firebase UI, you can provide these different experiences to users based on their country, demographic, device type etc.

For example, a fashion retailer could show specific content to users based on the brands that customers have purchased in the past. Upon login, they would be presented with a personalised screen highlighting key looks with items from these favourite brands.

Another great use of Remote Config is to run A/B tests to see which messaging works better, directly from the Firebase console.

By using Remote Config, you can show individuals a version of the app specifically created to improve the conversion rate. This can be done without having to link your Firebase data to another tool.


Focus on your converters using Predictions

Let’s face it, the majority of your app’s users are unlikely to make a purchase every visit, but you’ll continue to market to all users regardless. Predictions, Firebase’s machine-learning solution, helps identify which users have a greater likelihood of converting. This could be making an in-app purchase or another form of conversion such as filling out a form.

Predictions machine-learning solution takes your analytics data from Firebase and pushes it straight through to Predictions, making the interface straightforward and simple to use.

Here’s an example. You have a gaming app and you’re wondering how you can increase conversions. You don’t want to waste your budget on users with a high likelihood to purchase since they’ll probably make a purchase regardless. You’re better off creating an ad for users who are less likely to make an in-app purchase with an offer to ‘level-up’ if they click on the ad and make a purchase. Predictions lets you know which users to target in order to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Predictions can also be combined with Remote Config or Cloud Messaging.

Check out the Firebase YouTube Channel for more on Predictions.

Cloud Messaging

Re-engage with your users with Cloud Messaging

Cloud Messaging lets you send messages to users who are currently using your app. This gives you the opportunity to micro-target your active users by sending them personalised messages. You can send messages to individual users or a group of users, and you can also arrange messages to execute on a schedule.

Cloud Messaging allows you to target users by device, user property, audience, country or specific device ID. Some suggestions for usage are:

  • Remind users when there are important promotional events
  • Use Predictions & Cloud Messaging together to target users at opportune times to convert
  • Remind users to complete a purchase

Dynamic Links

Send users to the right content with Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links are deep links that can be used externally to take users to specific locations inside the app. Users can jump straight to the content they want to see when engaging with an ad or clicking on a link within social media

This opens up the opportunity for the user to have the perfect digital journey. It can even allow you to show specific content to those users who haven’t downloaded your app yet, possibly even a link to download the app before viewing the content.

If a user is looking at a specific piece of content on the mobile website, you can set up a Dynamic Link that takes a user to the app version of that content. This is a great way to convert a web user into an app user without interrupting their journey.


The final word

If you’re looking to save time and resource when it comes to app marketing but you don’t want to compromise on results, you should be investigating Firebase’s capabilities. The ability to use one tool to perform a wide variety of important actions is a huge plus in the eyes of many marketers.

And of course, to help you make sense of the tool, you can book onto one of our scheduled Firebase courses or train your whole team with one of our private sessions.

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