Digital Marketing Toolbox
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Digital Marketing Toolbox

19 Jul, 2018 Read Time: 3 Minutes
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by Ciara Koth

In order to successfully navigate your business to success, you'll need to construct a robust, and preferably data-driven digital marketing strategy

We're digital marketing pros here at Jellyfish Training, so we thought we'd let you have a look into our digital marketing toolbox. It's jam-packed full of reliable and resourceful tools that will help you achieve success with your digital marketing strategy. By using these tools, you will be able to expand your reach, increase engagement, remain active and continue to nurture your digital world.


Understanding your audience

Marketing in a digitally disrupted world has its growing pains. The landscape is constantly evolving and marketers should be agile to keep up with the advances in technology and shifts in consumer behaviour. The following tools will help keep your business up to speed with these changes and on track with your online performance in the digital world.

Google Analytics - Google's free web analytics tool allows you to track your website activity, such as audience behaviour, referring traffic and conversion data, as well as being able to calculate your elusive advertising ROI.

Brandwatch - this is one of our favourite tools. It's the go-to social monitoring platform that gives you access to a wealth of data around online conversations, social analytics and demographics.

Crazy Egg - try this great piece of website optimisation software to achieve a thorough understanding of how users engage with your website via heat and scroll map reports.

Data Studio - visualise a wide variety of data sources by building your own dashboards in Google's Data Studio. It takes the hassle and time out of reporting, leaving you with more time for execution of your strategy.

Experian's Mosaic - this cross-channel classification system allows you to understand and communicate with consumers in greater depth. Explore lifestyles, behaviours or demographics and achieve a complete understanding of your target audience.

Creating content

Great content is the fuel that will drive your overall digital marketing strategy. By creating relevant and consistent content, you can attract your target audience and effectively communicate with them. These tools will help you discover how powerful great content can be to the overall success of your business.

YouGov - this market research tool gives you access to different audience personas of selected brands as well as access to several services that include a consumer opinions database and public perception brand tracking.

Buzzsumo - analyse the best performing content on a particular subject or by author and gain a deeper understanding of your social footprint.

Increase your organic rankings

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a must-have skill for digital marketers. Consumers tend to have more trust in websites that rank within the top results on a search page and have the most relevant information related to their original keyword search. Monitoring your SEO and learning how to properly execute it will allow your business to reach its full potential and success.

Google Search Console - a free tool offered by Google that helps you keep track and monitor your website’s performance and ranking within Google search results.

Moz - learn how to grow your traffic and drive customers to your website with this SEO tracking and research tool.

Want to know more about these tools and how to use them? Book a place on our two-day Digital Marketing course.

Looking for more social media tools? Check out our Social Media Toolbox.

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