Generative AI for Application Developers

Want to completely reimagine the way you build apps, learn to code with AI, and unlock endless possibilities? Take your first step into the future of application development with this two-day course.

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2 day course
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

Our Generative AI experts have designed this comprehensive course to empower developers when it comes to using AI. The session provides a practical, hands-on approach to help you solve real-world problems and design efficient micro-service architectures.

On the two-day course, you'll do a deep-dive into the fundamentals of service design and architecture, equipping yourself to harness the power of these models for tasks like text generation, code writing, and explaining code.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, you'll gain hands-on experience utilizing generative AI for real-world applications. By the end of the session, you'll have the confidence and skills to confidently build, deploy, and refine applications that leverage the transformative potential of generative AI.

This Generative AI for Application Developers course is available as a private session and can be delivered via Virtual Classroom.

Course overview

Who should attend:

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring the power of generative AI; from developers seeking to integrate generative AI into their workflow, to data scientists exploring new applications for AI-generated data. It’s also perfect for anyone interested in exploring generative AI’s potential when it comes to revolutionizing software development.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Solve real-world problems with Generative AI
  • Define services with precision
  • Design AI-powered micro-services
  • Choose optimal storage solutions
  • Experience AI-assisted development

Course agenda

Day 1: Analysis & Design
  • Course introduction
  • Defining service using generative AI
  • Micro-service design and architecture
  • Choosing storage solutions
Day 2: Development
  • Generative AI-assisted development
  • Introduction to Cloud workstations and Gemini
  • Google Services for app deployment
  • App design and development with Gemini
  • Running and testing your app locally
  • Deploying your app to Google Cloud
  • Wrap-up and conclusion
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