Has Your Business Got the Digital Chops to Thrive Beyond COVID?
Read Time: 4 Minutes

Has Your Business Got the Digital Chops to Thrive Beyond COVID?

25 Nov, 2021 Read Time: 4 Minutes
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Julian Smith
Director, Training - Digital Marketing
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If there’s been one good thing to come out of the last couple of years of Covid, it’s that the restrictions imposed on all our lives have been a boon for digital. Spending prolonged and enforced time at home has, as we’ll all be familiar with, accelerated the shift to online shopping, increased the amount of time we spend in digital / social / mobile media, and, of course, driven uptake in video conferencing. How many of us did ‘FaceTime with Granny’ for the first time in lockdown?!

This increased time spent online has not only been to the advantage of the digital giants, like Google, Facebook and Amazon. It has also changed the fortunes of the likes of Zoom and Webex and seen the emergence of a whole new category of rapid home delivery (aka q-commerce) apps like Getir, Beelivery and Gorillas.

From a business perspective, Covid has forced a rapid readjustment to a new digital reality. And not only in WFH policies. In a short space of time, businesses have had to pivot and adapt to an evolving consumer marketplace and accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

As they have done so, a spotlight has been shone on internal digital capabilities and competencies. There’s been a realisation for many that they haven’t got enough of the right people with the right skills and processes to act in the agile, data-driven and specialist ways demanded by digital.

This has been great for digital consultancies and agencies, like Jellyfish, to whom businesses have increasingly turned to address their pressing needs. But most business C-suites recognise that they can’t simply outsource their challenges and get others to solve them. They also need, more than ever, to build up stronger in-house capabilities to be able to thrive and survive in this post-Covid era.

They need senior management who are strategic and visionary enough to set out the right roadmap for transformation in the face of digital disruption. And they need rank and file employees who have the digital competence and confidence to execute the digital strategies. 

This growing need is reflected in a sharp uptick in digital marketing job vacancies now being advertised (especially within the in-demand areas of ecommerce, social media marketing and data & analytics). It is also driving a greater emphasis on developing internal learning & development.

Digital capability assessment

We see at Jellyfish Training that while many businesses are now keen to put in place digital marketing training programmes, they lack the insight to know who needs what training where. So while there is a consensus that upskilling is required, businesses don’t exactly know which individuals need to learn which topics to be better in their specific roles and responsibilities. 

To address this issue, we’re now offering a training consultancy solution that helps identify the current digital skills gaps in the sales & marketing workforce. We can then define a customised learning & development solution that will propel businesses forward - enabling them to more effectively navigate the future.

It starts with a diagnostic discovery. Getting under the bonnet of the organisation to understand current strengths and weaknesses in both people and processes. We do this through a combination of senior stakeholder interviews and / or roundtables to gather qualitative insights and opinions and through our quantitative survey, the Digital Capability and Confidence Assessment.

The DCCA gives us a digital capability framework that helps us to truly understand employees competence across the key digital marketing practices. From this, we can identify what practices need training on and at what level to which individuals - to make it the most impactful.

This discovery phase enables us to design and develop the best, customised training programme, for the business to see the most impact. 

So if you feel that your organisation doesn’t have the digital chops for the post-Covid future and needs to upskill then feel free to get in touch at training@jellyfish.com to find out more.

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