Work from home, train from home

Wherever and however you're working, it's good to know you can still access the expert digital Training you need to learn and grow. In fact, right now is the best time to do it.

We have been working with our customers to ensure that their teams have access to our world class learning programmes while staying safe and adapting to the new working practices that come with isolation and non-essential travel restrictions.

At the heart of this response is the Jellyfish Virtual Classroom environment.

We have been delivering learning events over Virtual Classroom for a number of years and so we were in a position to rapidly expand the solution as more and more customers were looking for alternatives to their face to face training.

A Virtual Class offers everything you would expect from in-person training. As a learner, you can interact with your expert trainer as well as the rest of the attendees, you can watch presentations and demonstrations, you can ask questions and take part in discussions and you can practice everything you learn during the session. In short, you get everything that you would expect from a classroom event.
It has been a rapid response and over the past few weeks, Jellyfish Training has:
  • Worked with customers to migrate their booked training from in class to Virtual Classroom; both our scheduled classes and client specific events. All learners were notified that their event has been moved to the cloud and were supported in making this transition.
  • Set up a comprehensive forward schedule of virtual events. Across April and May we have scheduled over 6,600 learner days of virtual classes across four time zones and we are adding more all the time.
It is no exaggeration to say that these are unprecedented times for both the world of work and the wider community. At Jellyfish we believe that education and skills development are critical to the success of our customers and so we will continue to ensure that all of our world class learning programmes will remain available.
We have trained thousands of people all over the world, helping them learn more and achieve more.