GMP Digital Learning

Maintain the highest industry standards for your digital marketing team with scaled Google Marketing Platform (GMP) training. Ideal for enterprises looking to take the next step in their digital maturity, with online training experiences tailored to each learner.

Learn how Digital Learning on the GMP works

How to get started on our learning platform

  1. Log in
  2. Answer 12 questions
  3. Confirm your focus areas
  4. Explore recommended learning experiences

Perfect for your business if you:

  • Use the GMP and need to fill knowledge gaps and maintain the highest levels of industry best practice
  • Are looking to in-house and need to upskill a diverse team
  • Have a time poor, geographically spread team
  • Have purchased part(s) of the GMP but aren't yet using it to it's full capabilities
  • Have a team of 10 or more GMP users
  • Want on-demand training anytime, anywhere

Perfect for your team as:

  • We cover the full GMP stack with extensive content focusing on Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Studio and Optimize
  • We save time by recommending actions - no multiple-choice questions and no set course modules
  • Latest industry updates automatically updated and shared
  • Easy to view dashboard and reporting on usage
  • Knowledge can be shared with colleagues through the platform
Level up your businesses Digital Maturity

We’ll increase the digital maturity of your team by focusing their efforts on reaching the Emerging and Connected levels on Google’s Digital Maturity Framework.

Personalised learning recommendations using machine learning are designed around individual profiles and focus on gaps in knowledge to maximise campaign performance.

This approach is ideal for companies that may have invested in the GMP but don't yet feel they are leveraging it to its full extent. GMP online will help you to activate the GMP and accelerate the performance of your business.

We cover products across the full GMP stack

180+ learning experiences built around the Google Digital Maturity Framework across these platforms: Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Studio and Optimize.

You’ll also find useful learning experiences on important topics such as Brand Safety and the programmatic landscape.

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We keep you up to date

Once your learners start performing actions on GMP Digital Learning we will know which features to keep them up to date with. A quick email with a helpful video or guide upskills them quickly, ready for their next campaign.

As a trusted Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, we have the expertise to help your team achieve more with your marketing. We ensure our content is relevant thanks to machine learning which will continually update and refine the recommendations.

Combine your material with ours

Have your own in-house styles, templates and ‘how to’ content?

Create a one stop shop learning and support tool for your GMP teams by combining it with our best practice. You can upload content and with a couple of clicks, GMP Digital Learning will start recommending it to relevant learners.

Want to go a step further? Enable social interactions between learners and encourage them to share their knowledge within the organisation.

This is perfect for breaking down silos and recording tacit knowledge.


Check out one of our video Learning Experiences

For further information about the content we cover and how we can help your business with our GMP Digital Learning platform call us to discuss your requirements.