Google Marketing Platform Principles

Google Marketing Platform Principles

Discover the strategic benefits of the Google Marketing Platform and understand what display advertising, search and paid analytics products can do for your business.

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This one day course will give you a high level strategic understanding of how to maximise Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 and the Analytics products within the Google Marketing Platform.

We'll cover how each product works, the benefits of the products and how they best work together to meet your business and marketing needs.

At the end of this course, you should feel confident with having a top level overview of what each product does and how it can help your business grow.

Our Google Marketing Platform Principles course is available as a private training and webinar session. We can tailor the content to your business needs, which is ideal if you want to gain a better understanding of how to tactically use the advertising and analytics solutions within the Google Marketing Platform.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:

  • Understand the products that make up Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Analytics 360
  • Have an understanding of the benefits of the Google Marketing Platform offering
  • Explain the main differences between the free and enterprise Analytics 360 product and how to get unsampled data
  • Integrate and interpret Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager data for campaign performance and attribution
  • How to create Analytics audiences with Display & Video 360 or Ads Manager

Course Overview

The morning session will cover:

Introduction and overview to the technologies

  • Overview of the Google Marketing Platform
  • Programmatic Media and Creative solutions in Google Marketing Platform
  • Display and Video 360: Campaigns module, Audiences module, Creative module, Inventory module & Insights module
  • Campaign Manager: ad serving principles, tags, pixels, floodlights, reporting and attribution capabilities
  • Search Ads 360: benefits, bidding and optimisation models, measurement and reporting capabilities
  • Studio: Rich Media and Dynamic creative capabilities

The afternoon session will cover:

Analytics 360 Unique Features & Unsampled Data

  • Google Analytics fundamental principles
  • Analytics 360 feature benefits
  • Data limits and unsampled data


  • The BigQuery integration overview
  • The Google Marketing Platform reporting, attribution and audience sharing integration
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Inspiring and knowledgeable trainer

Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

Great environment for learning

The training was relevant, insightful and presented in a fun but professional manner.

They certainly know the digital world

Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.