Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Join our live classroom training from the location of your choice. The Jellyfish Training Virtual Classroom solution provides you with access to a seat on one of our scheduled events or a private class exclusively for your teams.
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We offer a convenient and interactive learning experience that enables you to keep learning whilst at home.

If you want to bring your team together for a business critical learning programme but travel or accommodation is a barrier, virtual training is the solution for you delivering all the benefits of our live classroom training. Our Virtual Classroom offers convenience and allows you to save time and money on travel, ensuring your full budget for training is invested on your main priority - learning.

We also offer the opportunity to join our scheduled events remotely. You will be a fully participating member of the class, interacting with the trainer and undertaking all the exercises and activities along with the rest of the learners.

We offer a growing range of Virtual Classroom courses covering Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform, as well as digital professions. Each of our course details pages will highlight if the virtual classroom option is available.

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Customised learning for your virtual team
Customised learning for your virtual team

For organisations with a distributed team who need consistent and critical skills development, the Jellyfish Virtual Client solution will allow attendees from anywhere in the world to come together for a fully bespoke and customised training session without anyone having to leave their office.

How it works

To host the Jellyfish Virtual Classroom events we use the market leading Cisco WebEx suite. We take care of all the administration and all you will need to do is attend the session and enjoy your training.

As every network has a unique configuration, you should ensure that you are able to connect to WebEx and that you meet the system requirements.

And you can test your connection here to check you are good to go.

How it works
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