How to win on the private marketplace
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How to win on the private marketplace

16 May, 2019 Read time: 3 minutes
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Marita Fullinck
Programmatic & Google Marketing Platform Trainer
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Learn all the tricks of the trade to ensure you get the best deal on the private marketplace.

If media buying is your game, you’ll know it’s a game that requires strategic moves. And to get in on the private marketplace, you’ll need to take those strategic moves up a gear.

Know how publishers monetise deals

When buying programmatically, one of the keys for successful private trading is understanding how publishers monetise deals

    • Providing quick access to sponsorship
    • Ensuring guaranteed audiences
    • Offering priority and bespoke inventory

Spend some time in the shoes of publishers so you really get to know what works for them. If there’s one particular publisher you’re keen to work with, understand their set-up and monetisation plan can go along way to build a relationship and ensure you get the best deal, easier and faster.

Understand your own setup

It’s essential that you know your own organisational setup inside and out before you start negotiations with publishers. Are you clear on your targeting criteria, your values and how much money and time you are willing to spend on accessing premium inventory?

Equally, it’s worth considering the following:


  • How organized is your overall media buying strategy?
  • Is your team aligning their buying methodology to the overall business goal?
  • Do you negotiate on scale before purchasing any inventory?
  • Are you setting up your trading team for success, in terms of resources and workflow?


Get agile

Historically, the assumption is that all premium inventory is costly. Few think of the added values that unique targeting brings, and even less are efficiently buying private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed deals without any troubles. You can combat these problems by ensuring that your team is agile, and are open to adapting and flexing to meet your own business goals and that of the publisher.

Develop key skills

Knowing the premium charges for customised targeting and delivery options is important, but also knowing when to add that human touch is a key skill. It’s imperative that you develop the knowledge to enhance your audience segmentation targeting and customisation in a world where most advertising is old wallpaper. We cover all the key skills you need on our Negotiation, set up and troubleshooting PMPs private course.

We run a wide variety of courses around Programmatic and Google Marketing Platform - join us for a course and take your career to the next level.

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