Love Island Winners and Losers - Roundup

Love Island, the guilty pleasure that’s had the nation hooked for yet another long hot summer, is nearing the end of its fifth season. And as the last remaining islanders get ready to wave goodbye to the villa and battle for the £50k prize, we thought we’d try to predict the nation’s analysing their social media mentions.

To compile the data needed for our predictions, we started by analysing all public social media posts mentioning #loveisland or "love island" between 3rd June and 25th July 2019. Then, we looked for couple names with “and” in-between them, such as “Amber and Greg” or “Greg and Amber”. And finally, we analysed individual names too for a full picture of the nation’s opinion.

So, who has won the Love Island emoji war this year? And what can their top-mentioned emojis say about their chances of nabbing the £50k prize?

Let’s crack on with the results and see how the nation has crowned this year’s islanders on paper (or social media).

The Love Island Emoji Hall of Fame

Funniest islander Ovie

Funniest islander: Ovie

Following in the footsteps of Chris ”Does Anyone Want Me To Rap To Lift The Mood A Bit” Hughes, Ovie has been the joker of the pack this season with over 110,000 mentions of the laughing crying emoji to his name.

Snakiest islander Molly-Mae

Snakiest islander: Molly-Mae

While snakes slithered all over the villa this season, social media crowned Molly-Mae the biggest serpent with over 2,000 mentions of the reptile gracing tweets about her.

Biggest tear-jerker Curtis

Biggest tear-jerker: Curtis

You cried. She cried. We all cried. Well, apart from Curtis, whose savage treatment of half-girlfriend, Amy, prompted 14,000 social media users to click the loud crying emoji.

Biggest cutie Greg

Biggest cutie: Greg

“There’s nothing more I could have done” – the sentence that warmed hearts up and down the country with heart emojis abounding. There were 4,000 love hearts found in tweets about Greg after baby Kobe adorned our screens. Aww.

So which couple is most likely to be walking into the sunset with £50k?

Social media has honoured the islanders with their own individual emoji crowns, but which islanders make the strongest couple?

Tommy and Molly-Mae Tommy and Molly-Mae

Despite being this year’s most talked-about couple with 167,049 mentions, only 8% of comments were positive. They might be the bookies favourite, but they’re certainly not the nations. It is what it is.

Curtis and Maura Curtis and Maura

They might have come to blows following the volcanic row between Anna and Jordan but they're out the other side now. However, 10% of comments about Maura have been negative so far so we’re not rating their chances, either.

Ovie and India Ovie and India

It’s clear who has stolen our hearts this year – the most-used emoji in conversations about Ovie and India has been heart eyes. Arguably the most popular Islander in the villa this year, even Liam Gallagher is backing Ovie to take the prize.

Amber and Greg Amber and Greg

Gramber hasn’t been short of setbacks this season (we’re looking at you, Michael) and as the second most-talked-about couple, they’re in a strong position. 12% of their 120k social media mentions were overwhelmingly positive too, so we reckon they’re in with a good chance.

Our prediction: Greg and Amber

Reality TV is an unpredictable phenomenon, but we think that as well as positive mentions, you need a high volume of mentions too. So, while Ovie and India are claiming the heart eye emoji as their own, Greg and Amber are winning in sheer volume. So we’re backing them to win this season and reckon they’ll split the prize money, too.

Next to be dumped? According to social media, we can wave goodbye to Maura and Curtis first. Let’s hope she doesn’t trip on her way out…

Roll on the finale of Love Island 2019. We know we’ll be glued to our seats on Monday – tissues in hand – ready to bid farewell to this season’s islanders, with a gloomy sense of foreboding at the prospect of Love Island-less evenings again.


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