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Digital Marketing courses
Looking to take your digital marketing knowledge to the next level? Our wide range of skills-focussed training options has something for every aspiring digital marketing professional.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy Online
Ideal for individuals who want an all-encompassing view of the digital landscape, this course will support you in solidifying and building on existing knowledge. You'll also create your own digital marketing strategy over six weeks.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing
2 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and effectively target your audience on this comprehensive two-day course.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
5 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to create a comprehensive and efficient digital marketing strategy? Our five-day course will guide you through the process from start to finish.
Digital Marketing Content & Influencer Marketing
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to produce high-quality content that attracts and retains customers on our one-day Content & Influencer Marketing course.
Digital Marketing Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Whether you’re writing for your company full-time, freelancing and looking to boost your skills or simply love to write for fun, this course will teach you the value of high-quality copy.
Digital Marketing Digital Content & Copywriting
Delivered by our partners Red & Yellow, this 12-week online training course covers the essential components of an effective digital marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to create compelling content that will help solidify brand-consumer relationships.
Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy
Want to create a holistic marketing strategy but don’t know where to start? This six-week course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow will teach you the skills you need to build a strategy that will boost your brand.
Digital Marketing Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Gain the skills needed to become a pioneer in the digital world with this one-day course delivered by experts in behavioural change.
Google Marketing Platform courses
Our courses are designed by experienced GMP professionals and use real case studies from leading brands and agencies to demystify how the Google Marketing Platform products integrate together.
Campaign Manager 360 Campaign Manager 360 Fundamentals
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to make best use of the Campaign Manager 360 platform and gain hands-on experience of navigating the platform.
Campaign Manager 360 Campaign Manager 360 Best Practices
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Gain insight into the best practices and advanced features around trafficking, integrations, data, audience, creative management and floodlight deployment strategies.
Campaign Manager 360 Campaign Manager 360 Reporting Deep Dive
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to generate different types of reports and gain powerful insights on your digital performance by using Campaign Manager 360.
Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight & Post Event Tracking in Campaign Manager 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Ensure your conversion tracking is setup in the right way to obtain insights on performance and measure the success of your digital campaigns.
Campaign Manager 360 Attribution in Campaign Manager 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to make the best use of the Campaign Manager platform for cross-channel Attribution reporting.
Campaign Manager 360 Fundamentals of Online Tracking
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
If you want to understand the fundamentals of online media, this one day course covers the key processes and metrics for success when using Campaign Manager 360.
Display & Video 360 Display & Video 360 Fundamentals
Gain an in-depth insight into the fundamentals of Display & Video 360 and how it works.
Display & Video 360 Multi-channel Campaigns in Display & Video 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Become an omni-channel specialist by learning the techniques to be able to manage different campaigns within the Display & Video 360 platform.
Display & Video 360 Brand Safety in Display & Video 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn techniques to protect your brand in the programmatic space and maximise user exposure online.
Display & Video 360 YouTube Buying in Display & Video 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Gain an overview of how to buy YouTube Advertising programmatically via Display & Video 360 and effectively run and optimise your video campaigns.
Display & Video 360 Data, Audience & Activation Strategy in DV360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to develop a powerful cross-channel audience targeting strategy to deliver a personalised user experience.
Display & Video 360 Managing Programmatic Deals in DV360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to enhance programmatic media investments through managing deals in Display & Video 360 on this one-day course.
Display & Video 360 Traders Best Practices in DV360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Identify ways to improve the performance of your programmatic campaigns and gain an in-depth insight into the optimisation levels available in Display & Video 360.
GMP Fundamentals Google Marketing Platform Principles
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Discover the strategic benefits of the Google Marketing Platform and understand what display advertising, search and paid analytics products can do for your business.
GMP Fundamentals Google Marketing Platform In-Depth
Gain a technical overview of the Google Marketing Platform and use it to make better informed decisions.
GMP Fundamentals Technology Implementation in CM360, DV360 and SA360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to plan and action the implementation of Campaign Manager 360, Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360.
Studio Studio Fundamentals
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Understand the concept of Rich Media and Dynamic Creative Optimisation and start to deliver high impact and complex Rich Media creative executions.
Studio Google Web Designer
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to be at the cutting edge of the program Google has developed to make it easy to create rich media ads? Then our Google Web Designer course is the perfect place to start.
Analytics 360 Analytics 360
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Whether you're an existing customer or considering using Analytics 360, our one day Analytics 360 course will uncover ways to help improve the performance of your enterprise through this integrated platform.
Search Ads 360 Search Ads 360: Fundamentals
Gain an introduction to the fundamental features and benefits of Search Ads 360.
Search Ads 360 Search Ads 360: Practical Workshop
This is an advanced hands-on workshop to learn and implement the features of the Search Ads 360 platform.
GDPR courses
Our courses are led by a certified GDPR Practitioner and will give you a clear understanding of the Regulation’s most salient points to help get your business and digital marketing in shape.
GDPR: A Beginners Guide
Do you have a clear view of why GDPR is so important to the digital industry? Our GDPR: A Beginners' Guide course provides a great start to gain an understanding on the impact it will have on your business.
GDPR: Consents, Rights & Fines
The GDPR alters the landscape of Data Privacy. Understanding what's new is essential to both compliance and to reducing risk. Our GDPR: Consent, Rights & Fines course focuses on three of the areas most changed under the new regulation.
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