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Learn the way you want, where you want. We offer two formats for you to learn in class, either virtually or at one of our global training centres.
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We have a wide range of courses that can be delivered in the classroom, whether delivered virtually or from one of our global training centres. All of our courses are run by our leading digital experts, so you receive the same high-quality training wherever you are.

Classroom learning from home

Our Virtual Classrooms offer you the ability to join from anywhere, and we have courses running in a variety of time zones, making it easy for you to find a session that fits with your schedule. You’ll experience everything you’d expect from a course delivered from a physical classroom location, but without the need to leave your own home. You will experience working in groups, getting hands-on with technology and be able to communicate directly with your instructor and peers.

Come to our premises

If you’d rather travel to one of our training centres, we have a number of high quality premises where we host courses. Our offices are bright, modern and conveniently located.

All of our classroom courses are typically mixed groups where you will be learning with other delegates from other companies. This provides an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and engage in lively discussions.

Should you prefer to learn exclusively with your own team, all our courses are available as private sessions and can flex with your needs so you can be in complete control of your learning.

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If you want discuss your training requirements give us a call and we'll work with you to establish the right course for you.
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