Innovation and Design Thinking

Learn how to successfully innovate in today’s ultra-competitive world using Design Thinking and creating a culture of innovation on this one day course.
1 day course
Supporting material
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

To survive and thrive organisations need to have leaders who understand and can implement genuine innovation, and deliver ground-breaking new products and services on a sustained basis.

The Design Thinking approach, tools and processes you’ll learn on this course, are the life-blood of ideas at organisations like Apple and Toyota, and instrumental in their success.

The course will give you the all-important foundations to be able to create truly innovative solutions, which are built out of customer needs and stakeholder aspirations, and which your customers, colleagues and management buy and love.

The course is facilitated by experts in innovation and behavioural change who have extensive experience as c-suite leaders in business. They will draw on leading-edge research and the latest behavioural science to provide a highly experiential course that will inspire profound leadership development.

Our Innovation and Design Thinking course is offered as a private training session and can be delivered on-site at your office or a location of your choice.

Course overview
Who should attend:
If you’re a leader who is serious about driving innovation, so that your organisation can thrive and grow in the digital age, then this course is for you. Attendance will enable you to generate the inspiration, ideas, processes and culture to lead innovation projects within your organisation.
Walk away with:
  • Real understanding of the design thinking process
  • Create the process and culture for innovation in your organisation
  • The tools to build a culture of emotional safety and encourage innovation and effective risk-taking
  • The skills to identify and evaluate opportunities using customer needs analysis
  • The knowledge to create product specifications based on customer needs that are viable and compelling
  • Develop compelling concepts through applied creativity
  • Use a proven model to test product or service prototypes
  • Design to maximise rich customer experience within profitability and sustainability frameworks
Course agenda
Assessing the opportunity
  • Being solution-focused: cultures of safety and experimentation
  • Understanding the opportunity - The 6 fundamentals of the Real-Win-Worth framework
  • Setting frameworks and benchmarks
  • Harnessing inspiration
  • Experiential session – applying your learning to your current design challenge
Identifying customer needs
  • Empathic design
  • Customer needs and markets analysis tools
  • Translating customer needs into measurable specifications
  • Case-studies
Applied creativity
  • Brainstorming approaches and their value in creative thinking
  • Ideation utilising divergent and convergent thinking
  • Ideation for real – experiential session on your current innovation challenge
Speeding up development
  • Alternative prototyping strategies
  • Rapid prototyping and virtual prototyping
  • Implementation and measurement
The macro framework
  • Commercial assessment tools
  • Integral and modular approaches to design
  • Design for environment theories
  • Sustained and maintained innovation – creating systemic innovation culture and principles
Building your kitbag
  • Reflect on your personal learning
  • Create your kitbag for leading innovation in a constantly revolutionising digital marketplace
Group innovation exercise
  • Benefit from the diverse knowledge, skills and behaviours of other course participants and solve your real-life innovation challenges using team coaching
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