Jellyfish now a top 20 full service agency

Charlotte Parker

Marketing Executive, Jellyfish

The 17th independent agency in the list, Jellyfish rises seven places in the prestigious poll compared to last year.

Econsultancy highlight the biggest challenges digital agencies face in their state of industry report.

Using report excerpts, we examine some of the reasons Jellyfish continue to experience a 50% growth rate YoY and how the senior team are future-proofing the agency in the face of fierce competition…

“Agency structures are evolving as brand marketers’ sophistication grows and competition heats up in the digital agencies landscape.”

The past year has seen Jellyfish’s new boutique-style service with a global reach service in full force. Hub teams were created where all specialisms co-exist and hubs are assigned per client. This allows as much or little integration as desired with a client’s marketing, analytics, senior management teams and more.

Flexible collaboration based on clients’ needs allows for the best relationships and goal alignment, preventing the kind of challenges Oystercatchers see in other agencies, like ‘misaligned expectations, flawed approval procedures and inadequate briefing.’ 

“Agencies may increasingly lose out to the big consultancies in winning large digital transformation work.”

Whilst this might be true of some full-service agencies, Jellyfish is ideally placed to integrate with and transform businesses from the inside out – due to training, partnerships and technology.

Our digital training academy trains more than 2000 people a year, in individuals or tailored group sessions. We cover any digital discipline and are the only Google Certified Training Partner in the world.

Jellyfish maintains close ties with its technology partners, including Google, Facebook, Bing and more and are at the cutting edge of digital advancements, regularly participating in alpha and beta tests, becoming experts on the newest releases and improving our partner’s technology along the way.

Jellyfish is the only agency in both Europe and the US that is both a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner and a Certified Google Analytics 360 reseller.

This, alongside in-house data specialists, ensures in-depth knowledge of how to get the most from marketing technology stacks within a medium to enterprise businesses environment.

“Agencies are also shifting attention to building new platforms and capabilities for clients.”

Jellyfish innovate, building technologies and processes to elevate their results beyond industry standards and benchmarks. Whether it’s automating paid media protection with the likes of Safetynet, or creating machine learning audiences so ads are shown only to those with a high propensity to convert, the always on innovation culture goes beyond simply relying on technology partners.

“Agencies now need to show that they are vigilant and take brand safety seriously.”

Not only have we built safe-guarding technology for paid media, but we attract brand-side talent directly because of our transparent practices.

Our Digital Strategy Director, Gawain Owen, is one such person. He says: “In an age of personalisation, brands are striving to get the right message to the right person at the right time. Having worked with Jellyfish over the years, I’ve seen first hand that the agency operates a fully transparent model, which is essential for both the client / agency relationship and the future of our industry. I’m excited to be joining an agency that is at the forefront of digital and that has become synonymous with performance and transformation.”