Workforce of the Future: Is Your Resume Ready for the Jobs of Tomorrow?
Read Time: 10 Minutes

Workforce of the Future: Is Your Resume Ready for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

13 Jul, 2021 Read Time: 10 Minutes
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With digital and technological advancement continuing at a fast pace, the job sector is quickly having to adapt to keep up. This means children of today are preparing for jobs that don’t exist — using technologies not yet invented.

While it’s impossible to say exactly what tomorrow will hold, here at Jellyfish Training, we have collated a mix of the most exciting futuristic job roles which, according to various industry experts, we can expect to see in the next 5-10 years. Want to see what skills and experiences you might need to be a space tour guide or an augmented reality life designer?

Take a look at the imagined job descriptions below:


Space Tour Guide

Space Tour Guide job description

Fancy helping passengers stay safe while making sure they get the most out of their journey into space?

In the coming years, space tourism is certain to become a trend among the elites around the world. As the equivalent of flight attendants, but above the hemisphere, these people will safely guide customers into space. Drawing on cosmology, astronomy, space science, geography, history and geology, space tour guides will help passengers stay safe and comfortable as they embark on a trip to outer space. 


Pharmer job description

Pharmers will use both tech and agricultural know-how to raise carefully engineered crops and livestock to improve harvest. We’ll also see a boom in vertical farming, meaning we can grow food under artificial light in multi-storey buildings to save on water and other energy resources. Eight technologies: robotics, artificial intelligence, drones, sensors, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and the Internet of Things will transform agriculture in the future

3D Lab Meat Scientist

3d Lab Meat Specialist job description

With the emergence of cultured meat, a need for food engineers to grow meat in Petri dishes will surge, thanks to the emerging cultured meat industry. Using stem cells from cows or DNA from chicken eggs, these lab meat scientists are cultivating proteins that will taste, feel and look the same as the animal product. With expectations of a more sustainable meat industry, experts predict cultivated meat will hit our supermarket shelves by 2030.

Augmented Reality Life Designer

Augmented Reality Life Designer job description

An augmented reality life designer will work with individual clients to design their augmented reality life of choice. This role includes helping design, write, calibrate, gamify, build and – most importantly – personalise the next generation of mind-blowing, in-the-moment stories for trips in augmented reality. This includes the setting, mood, historical time, information, tone, characters and suggested items or experiences to buy. 


Business-to-Robot-to-Consumer job description

Business-to-Robot-to-Consumer (B2R2C) is the idea that marketing is changing towards drones, voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital avatars becoming gatekeepers between brands and consumers. This means marketing managers in the future will reach customers through robots. Someone who has a deep understanding of marketing technology and reaching out to new markets would be great for this job role.


Which job will you be preparing for? 


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