5 time-saving features of Google Marketing Platform
Read Time: 3 Minutes

5 time-saving features of Google Marketing Platform

01 Oct, 2018 Read Time: 3 Minutes
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Agatha Isabel
Programmatic & Google Marketing Platform Trainer
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The new Google Marketing Platform allows marketers and media buyers to work smarter with an even more seamless Ad Tech stack containing powerful new tools and integrations.

There's a lot going on with the Google Marketing Platform, where do you start? What are the key new features and what are the things that marketers need to be aware of?

As a reminder, here's a list of the products that now come under Google Marketing Platform. You can also find more information about the changes in this previous blog post.

Google Marketing Platform and its products


I'm excited about many of these new features and integrations, and you should be too! I've aggregated a list of all the features you need to be aware of that will save you time and produce more effective results.

The integration between Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360

Google Marketing Platform includes a more integrated Campaign Manager within Display and Video 360, that allows you to easily preview your creative within the DV360 platform itself, leading to quicker creative optimizations. This view can also alleviate back and forth spent on asking your CM or trafficking team for creative previews.

It's easier to activate your audiences

Google has always made it easy for you to manage your audiences across their different platforms but with Google Marketing Platform it’s even easier to activate your audience lists.

The new Audience panel is my favourite new feature. This module is a new audience workspace (similar to the Audience Center beta), that allows you to create and build new first-party data audiences from campaign activities. Advertisers can also create custom combinations across first-party, third-party and Google Audiences that you can save and reactivate later. This awesome new audience tool makes re-engagement and creative sequencing even easier to deploy.


Save time when making optimizations

The Intelligence Panel is a media traders dream, acting as a campaign health panel with grouped alerts and recommendations that send you to the specific line item or page needed to make the change. This cuts the time spent clicking on each insertion order (IO) and line item as it also directs you to the page where the errors or optimizations can be fixed.


No more waiting for reports

Tired of waiting for your reports to load? Yeah, me too. Insights is a new feature of Google Marketing Platform and it allows you to quickly preview data within the dashboard without having to export a .csv or excel file. You can also quickly create charts that make it easy to visualize your data, or quickly make one to put in your deck.

Google Marketing Platform Insights Module

Combined view saves clicks

New tools include the combined view (currently in beta) that allows you to see your insertion order, line item and creatives in a nested view, without having to click around to different pages.

Want to know more about Google Marketing Platform? Join me or one of the other Google Marketing Platform trainers for one of our scheduled courses, or book a private session and train your whole team.

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