Work smarter, not harder with your digital campaigns
Read time: 5 minutes

Work smarter, not harder with your digital campaigns

31 Oct, 2018 Read time: 5 minutes
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Marita Fullinck
Programmatic & Google Marketing Platform Trainer
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According to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), there are a few sources of inefficiencies in the negotiation, setup and delivery of digital advertising campaigns as well as in the business processes. These inefficiencies result in significant levels of operational waste that can be avoided to make your team and campaigns more efficient.

Having multiple tech systems can create a larger margin for human error in the programmatic buying process. It's why many are switching to one solution - mainly the Google Marketing Platform, which offers integrated solutions and simplification.

I've outlined the efficiencies from the study below, do you recognize any issues from your own campaigns?

  • A lot of Manual work- This includes having to print, scan and sign the setup of programmatic campaigns not long ago before they were approved by the Finance team of the advertising agency, quite archaic in a paperless world.
  • Resolving discrepancies between reports- Having had experience working in an “agnostic” programmatic trading desk using different ad servers, verification tools and third-party research tools, traders often have to learn five or more different platforms all to get a holistic view. I'm sure you'll agree that it's not a very productive use of time!
  • Data re-entry into multiple systems- Entering the same KPIs into multiple systems. Multiple office hours with different DSPs, leading to repetition and often having the same discussions a few times. Even answering the same brief twice! Troubleshooting creative issues with incompatible systems and multiple approvals. Conducting sales negotiations in person, that can easily be done in seconds programmatically.
  • Waste of human capital- How often do you have a highly skilled individual doing a very low-value activity? For example, having your programmatic traders reconciling invoices from publishers or simply waiting for creative to manually upload them one by one into the system! It's more efficient to assign your highly-skilled team members to the tasks that see the biggest returns on your profit.
  • Inventory and trading hurdles- Instead of having automated requests for proposals, traders often have to manually copy and paste the same brief to different publishers. This can result in as many as 20 emails at a time during setup and negotiation.

This is why the Google Marketing Platform offers integrated solutions and simplification. If any of the issues above sound familiar and you would like to improve your workflow, join us on our Google Marketing Platform Principles training.

As marketers, we have the commitment to remove legacy complexities from our processes and invest in our expertize. This will enable you and your team to save time and create value for your brand, such as improving your targeting, strategizing, redesigning your workflow and finally allow programmatic to be less problematic, and run smoothly; simply collaborating!

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