Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Want to learn how to advertise your business or brand online with Facebook ads? Our courses will teach you how to become a successful Facebook advertiser.

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Alongside Google, Facebook is the go-to platform for online marketers and advertising spend. Brands are increasingly using Facebook ads to help them meet their business and marketing objectives.

Led by one of our expert social media professionals, both our standard and advanced courses take an engaging, hands-on, interactive approach. We’ll teach you how to successfully run and optimize your own Facebook advertising campaigns.

On the Standard course we help beginners get to grips with setting up their own Facebook ad campaigns without making the common mistakes that can cost you money.

The Advanced session takes an in-depth look at advanced features such as the Facebook pixel and using 1st party data to build valuable audiences.

Our Facebook Advertising courses are available as a private training session, which are ideal if you have a team you want to bring up to speed on using Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Private Course

During the day we’ll demystify Facebook advertising so you can learn how and why it’s a necessary marketing platform for your business. You will also learn step by step how to correctly set up your own Facebook advertising campaign that meets your personal business and marketing objectives.

By the end of the course you’ll feel confident about boosting posts and setting up your own Facebook advertising campaigns within Facebook Ads Manager. You'll know how to design and create an effective ad to market your business. You will also learn how you can improve campaign performance and measurement by using The Facebook pixel.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of our Standard course you'll have gained the skills to:
  • Effectively boost your on page posts
  • Build an audience using Facebook’s native data
  • Setup a Facebook campaign within Facebook ads manager
  • Design and build an effective ad
  • Understand campaign performance within ads manager
  • How The Facebook Pixel to optimize your campaigns
  • How Facebook ads can help you achieve different business objectives
Why should I take this course?
We recommend this course if you want to learn how to use and setup your own Facebook advertising campaigns to market your business. You may be a business owner or a professional in a digital, marketing or PR role.
Course Overview
Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Family
  • Boosting a post vs Facebook ads manager
  • Considerations for boosting posts
  • Ad Auction and delivery Overview
Building a Facebook Audience
  • Facebook core audiences
  • Considerations for building an audience
Facebook Campaign Setup
  • Facebook campaign structure
  • Creating a Facebook ad campaign
Designing & Creating a Facebook Ad
  • Common Facebook ad types and when to use them
  • Building an ad
  • Ad creative best practice
Optimizing your Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Understanding campaign performance in ads manager
  • An Introduction to the Facebook pixel
Using Facebook Ads to meet Business Objectives
  • Facebook Ad Case Studies

Facebook AdvertisingAdvanced Private Course

This course will look at advanced Facebook advertising features as well as advanced tips and tricks around campaign measurement, audiences, execution and optimization.

You will also learn how to strategically plan your paid Facebook campaigns to drive brand awareness, consideration and conversions, allowing you to run full funnel activity.

By the end of the course you’ll feel confident about strategically planning your campaigns as well as using advanced Facebook advertising features to run and optimize your campaigns.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of our Advanced course you'll have gained the skills to:
  • Measure campaign ROI using the Facebook Pixel and Event Tracking
  • Build custom and lookalike audiences using 1st party data
  • Strategically plan your audiences and campaigns
  • Understand the different ad types and placements available and when to use them
  • Understand the different ways to buy media on Facebook
  • Improve campaign performance and ROAS
Why should I take this course?
If you are already running Facebook advertising campaigns but you want to learn how to improve performance, this course will help.
Course Overview
  • The Facebook Pixel & Event Tracking
  • Facebook Measurement Partners
Facebook Audiences
  • Audience Strategy
  • Creative & Audience Alignment
  • Facebook Audiences (Core, Custom & Lookalike)
Ad Types & Placements
  • Facebook ad types and when to use them
  • Ad placements
  • Reach & Frequency vs Auction
  • Bidding
Campaign Optimization
  • Optimization Tips
Strategy & Planning
  • Awareness, Consideration & Conversion Campaign Planning

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Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

Great environment for learning

The training was relevant, insightful and presented in a fun but professional manner.

They certainly know the digital world

Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.