Campaign Manager Fundamentals

Campaign Manager Fundamentals

Learn how to make best use of the Campaign Manager platform and gain hands-on experience.

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DoubleClick Campaign Manager is now known as Campaign Manager. This one day course has been designed with new practitioners in mind, covering the topics that allow you to understand the basics of the platform. You'll gain hands-on experience of navigating the platform, setting up digital campaigns and gaining insightful reports to power future activations.

You'll learn about the core modules in Campaign Manager such as Admin and Trafficking and you'll also receive a high level overview of how reports will allow you to see how your campaigns have performed.

From creative uploads, placement strategies to understanding how floodlight configuration and implementation works, we will share with you general best practices in order for you to gain a general understanding of the main functionalities and benefits of Campaign Manager.

Our Campaign Manager Fundamentals course is available as a private training or webinar session. We are happy to tailor the content to your business needs.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:

  • Understand the benefits of third party adserving
  • Implement centralized creative management
  • Identify the main modules in Campaign Manager
  • Set up an advertiser and a basic campaign
  • Create and manage conversion pixels
  • Manage performance reporting

Course Overview

    Ad Serving Principles

    • Concept
    • Benefits of using a centralised platform

      The Google Marketing Platform

      • Overview
      • Benefits

      CM Campaign management

      General navigation points

      Admin tab

      • Account features
      • User roles intro
      • User profiles intro
      • Importing sites from Site Directory
      • Change log

      Advertiser tab

      • Concept
      • Network structure
      • Creatives
      • Create an Advertiser

      Campaign tab

      • Create a campaign
      • Create a placement
      • Upload a creative
      • Retrieve a creative from Studio
      • Create an ad
      • Ads overview
      • Default
      • Standard
      • Tracking
      • Generate ad tags

Trafficking document

  • What is a trafficking document
  • From media plan to TF doc

CM Export / Import function

  • Concept
  • How to use it


  • How to identify CM tags and floodlights tags

Tracking at Campaign level

  • 3rd party imp tracking
  • Event tag
  • Click string
  • URL append

Tracking at Advertiser level

Floodlight configuration tab

  • Sharing Floodlight configurations between different advertisers
  • Conversion pixels
  • Sales pixels
  • Floodlight activities
  • How to push floodlights to GTM
  • U-variables
  • CM macros
  • CM Audiences
  • Dynamic tags

Intro to Campaign Manager Reporting

  • Overview
  • Report Builder
  • The Summary Tab
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Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.