Data Targeting in Display & Video 360

Data Targeting in Display & Video 360

Gain advanced skills within Display & Video 360 around Data Targeting application, optimization and reporting.

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This advanced course is aimed at experienced practitioners and will provide a comprehensive walk through of the available Data Targeting options within Display & Video 360. It will allow both brands and agencies, to identify the best and most suitable sets of data according to their KPIs and business goals.

Our experienced Programmatic & Google Marketing Platform trainer will work with you to help you gain a good understanding of 1st party, 3rd party and Google data and when best to apply it.

The session consists of a combination of theoretical content and hands-on practical experience, which will allow you to understand how best to use data to enrich the campaigns you run on Display & Video 360.

Our Data Targeting in Display & Video 360 course is offered as a private training or webinar session. We can tailor the content to your business needs, which is ideal if you have a team looking to gain advanced skills around data targeting.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Explain why data targeting is important for programmatic buying
  • Describe the different types of data available for Display & Video 360
  • Plan a campaign with focus on data and insights
  • Optimize your marketing activity to achieve real business outcomes
  • Create audience centric performance reports

Course Overview

Display & Video 360 Overview

  • Common features in DSPs and what makes Display & Video 360 different

Targeting available in Display & Video 360

  • Content targeting
  • Audience targeting (linking GA & CM audiences to Display & Video 360)
  • Technology targeting

1st party Data solutions

  • Rule-based or Tag-based Remarketing
  • Imported lists from Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Google Ads, GA360 and YouTube
  • Imported lists from external platforms
  • The importance of Recency

Google Audiences

  • Affinity Audiences
  • Custom Affinity
  • Custom Intent (Display, Video, Trueview)
  • Combined Audiences
  • Similar Audiences
  • Activity-Based audiences
  • Tag-based audiences
  • YouTube audiences based on your channel
  • Customer Match
  • Mobile Device IDs
  • CRM Data

3rd party Data solutions

  • 3rd party Data providers
  • Private DMPs
  • How can Google Marketing Platform act as a soft DMP

Planning to use Audience Data

  • Best practices on Audience data activation

Reporting on Audience data

  • Audience Analysis
  • Advanced reporting specific on audience performance in Display & Video 360
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Inspiring and knowledgeable trainer

Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

Great environment for learning

The training was relevant, insightful and presented in a fun but professional manner.

They certainly know the digital world

Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.