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Digital Marketing courses
Learn the strategies, tactics and tools needed to be effective digital marketers with our range of Digital Marketing courses available in South Africa or globally.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing
2 days Virtual/Private/Classroom
Do you want to master the fundamentals of Digital Marketing? Discover the strategies, channels and tactics you need to deliver effective marketing campaigns in the digital world.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
Want to learn how to create a comprehensive and efficient digital marketing strategy? Our five-day course will guide you through the process from start to finish.
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy Online
Build strategic digital marketing skills in your company by level-setting people’s core knowledge, and then expanding their skills through real-life tasks and scenarios.
Digital Marketing Email Marketing
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn the foundations of good email marketing and the best practice methodologies that will help you showcase your brand, captivating your subscribers and enticing them to take action.
Digital Marketing Mastering Amazon Essentials
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Take your marketing to the next level by learning about Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, and gain a top-level understanding of best practices to ensure you get the best return on investment.
Digital Marketing Amazon Advertising & Marketing
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to advertise on Amazon, the world’s largest retailer? Learn how to navigate the platform and best practices that will help you amplify your products on this one-day course.
Digital Marketing Mobile App Marketing
2 days Virtual/Private/Classroom
Looking to build and sustain a healthy mobile app user base? On this course you’ll discover best practice techniques and tactics to maximize app user acquisition and retention.
Digital Marketing Apple Search Ads & Google App Campaigns
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to set up and run efficient campaigns to drive app installs and in-app purchases across the world’s biggest app platforms.
Digital Marketing Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to write copy that makes an impact? If you’re employed to write for your company, if you freelance, or if you simply write for pleasure, then this course is for you.
Digital Marketing Brand Building in the Digital Platform World
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Do you want to leverage the power of digital platforms to drive brand growth? Discover the secrets to creating brand-led digital marketing strategies on our intensive course.
Digital Marketing Content & Influencer Marketing
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to produce high-quality content that attracts and retains customers on our one-day Content & Influencer Marketing course.
Web Development & Programming courses
Designed by experienced web development professionals, our courses will provide you with the web design skills to work developers and start building web solutions.
Web Development & Programming HTML & CSS
Are you looking to learn HTML and web development but don't know where to start? Our two-day HTML & CSS course will give you everything you need to know to start creating websites from scratch.
Web Development & Programming JavaScript & jQuery
Want to create a stand-out website? This two-day JavaScript & jQuery course will teach you how to add interactivity, animations and other features to make sure your site goes above and beyond when it comes to user experience.
Web Development & Programming PHP & MySQL
Are you looking to add web functionality that only server-side scripting will allow? Then our two-day PHP & MySQL course is the perfect place to start.
Web Development & Programming WordPress
Want to gain the skills to create, optimize and effectively manage your website and blog posts? Learn how to navigate the ins and outs of WordPress on our one-day course.
Web Development & Programming Python for Data Science
2 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Python has become the go-to programming language for data science. On our two-day course you’ll learn how to use it for next-level data analysis that will give you a competitive edge.
Web Development & Programming Data Science and Machine Learning with Python
Want to harness the power of big data using data science and machine learning? This five-day instructor-led course is the perfect start.
Web Development & Programming Web Performance: Page Speed Fundamentals
Did you know that for every second your page takes to load, your conversion rates can drop by 7%? Learn about the metrics that influence site performance and how to monitor them effectively.
Web Development & Programming Fundamentals of SQL for Analysts
Go from zero to hero in SQL with this two-day course, taught by former Google & Salesforce BI analysts in BigQuery.
User Experience courses
Whether you’re new to the UX field, or you’re already doing facets of it, we’ll teach you the practical skills and UX design tips to help make your website as user-friendly as possible.
User Experience User Experience (UX)
1 day Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to understand the key aspects of User Experience? Our one-day training course covers everything from research and strategy to desktop and mobile UX best practice.