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Learn how to execute programmatic campaigns, leverage targeting capabilities and reporting within the Display & Video 360 platform.

Display & Video 360 is a next-generation demand side platform (DSP) providing trading desks, agencies, and advertisers with transparent media planning and buying across ad exchanges.

Display & Video 360's proprietary algorithms analyse every impression and optimises buying in real time to meet advertisers’ marketing objectives.

With the combination of powerful targeting, audience and contextual data, and media access buyers are able to reach the right audiences at the right moments.

Display & Video 360 is fully integrated with the Google Marketing Platform, streamlining workflows, reporting and enabling true cross-channel buying is a great advantage.

Display & Video 360 courses

Display & Video 360 Fundamentals

  • Programmatic & Display & Video 360 - the building blocks
  • Platform hierarchy and campaign setup
  • Media supply and targeting
  • Basic in-platform reporting
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Data Targeting in Display & Video 360

  • Why use data targeting
  • Types of data available for Display & Video 360
  • How to plan to use data in your campaigns
  • Performance reporting
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Practices for Success in Display & Video 360

  • Ways of accessing media
  • Bidding models
  • Campaign optimisation methodology
  • Cross device and reporting best practices
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Multi-channel Campaigns in Display & Video 360

  • Best practices for Mobile, Video, TrueView and Native campaigns
  • Optimisation methodology
  • Types of creatives
  • Using creatives from different Adserver Sources
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Brand Safety in Display & Video 360

  • How to use Active View reporting
  • Brand safety features
  • How to optimise based on brand safety and viewability reports
  • Best practices for running campaigns
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They certainly know the digital world

They certainly know the digital world

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They certainly know the digital world

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