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Say goodbye to boring, one-size-fits-all training technology or ways of working. We focus on three key elements.

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Our discovery methods direct us to essential insights that allow us to create and deliver impactful learning.


Customised learning experiences designed to power the objectives for your business and people with noticeable impact.


Your training experiences meet the needs of your employees and business, always with continued growth in mind.

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Browse some of the learning products we’re best known for.

Learning Analysis

We're experts when it comes to diagnosing and closing skill gaps. We'll talk to your teams, analyse their needs, and recommend next steps for upskilling your organisation.

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Digital skills reports
Academy of learning

A way to assess your organisation's digital marketing skill level.

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eLearning (Digital Learning)

Packages created by subject matter experts. What these look like – and what is taught – is up to you. We guide you through the creation process.

Solution guides

It's in the name. Work with us to create a master document that's the source of all truth for your chosen subject.

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Learning videos
Academy of learning

Storytelling with a twist.

Learning experiences

Highly interactive, ready-to-implement and custom-made, our learning experiences cater to the needs of every team.

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Digital Marketing Strategy online

One programme. Six modules. We'll teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing so you can put your business on the map.

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Academy of Learning
Academy of learning

Tailored learning journeys that bring people together.

We’re already delivering Scaled Learning to thousands of people.

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Meet the team.

Our experts don’t just think, they actually do. They're fully-fledged learning designers who have extensive experience in everything from UX, content and creative to brand strategy, data analysis and project management.

Ian RossVP, Jellyfish Training
Rx IslamLearning Designer
Finnlan WilsonDesign Director
Shruti SundaranGraphic Designer

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