Mobile App Marketing training, delivered in the UK or globally

While mobile apps play a big part in the everyday lives of modern consumers, the average smartphone user actually downloads and uses very few new apps on a monthly basis. So how can app owners reach, engage and convert new users to build and sustain an active app user base?

Our courses, designed by experienced practitioners, cover the essentials of app store optimisation, app promotion (using platforms such as Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns), app engagement and app marketing measurement.

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Our mobile courses will show you how to make the most of the practices and platforms available to maximise your app user acquisition and retention.
Mobile App Marketing
Looking to build and sustain a healthy mobile app user base? On this course you’ll discover best practice techniques and tactics to maximize app user acquisition and retention.
Apple Search Ads & Google App Campaigns
Learn how to set up and run efficient campaigns to drive app installs and in-app purchases across the world’s biggest app platforms.