Introduction to Figma

Want to be able to work on designs collaboratively with your team and build working prototypes which you can share with your clients effortlessly? Our one-day course is the perfect place to start.

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1 day course
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A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

Figma is fast becoming a must have platform for creatives, as it allows you to design, prototype, develop and collect feedback in a single collaborative design tool. Whether you're working in design, UX or project management, this one-day course will equip you with everything you need to know to get started on this platform.

During the course, we'll teach you how to set up your account and workspace. You'll discover how to create and manipulate shapes, images and text using auto layout features to ensure that your designs are robust and easily adaptable.

Throughout the session, you'll use the skills you've learned to develop your very own app. You’ll initially build this in wireframe, then develop it to the point of using connections and animation to create a sharable prototype, demonstrating the end user experience. Towards the end of the session, you’ll get your project ready for hand-off and export.

This Introduction to Figma course is available as a private training session that can be delivered via Virtual Classroom or at a location of your choice in Australia.

Course overview

Who should attend:

If you're working with or planning to work with Figma from a design, UX, project management or even client perspective, then this course is for you. It's also a perfect start if you have little or no experience with Figma, but want to develop skills through practical instructor-led activities.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up your Figma account and workspace
  • Create and manipulate shapes, shapes and text using auto layout features
  • Create and share prototypes, then respond to and action feedback
  • Get your designs ready for implementation


In order to get the most out of this course, you should have access to Figma - whether it's a paid or free account - and have the desktop app installed on a Mac or Windows laptop.

Course agenda

  • Account creation
  • Interface and tools
  • Wireframes
  • Layers, frames and groups
  • Shapes, stroke and fill
  • Alignment
  • Components and libraries
  • Instances
  • Teams and collaboration
  • Plugins and communities
Creating Designs
  • Precision layout
  • Corner radius
  • Images, typography and styles
  • Auto layout
  • Components
  • The pen tool and combining shapes
  • Presentation view and scrolling settings
Building a Prototype
  • Connections and interactions
  • Animations
  • Sharing and observation mode
  • Comments
  • Updating your components
Preparing your Project for Hand-off
  • Creating and applying custom thumbnails
  • Inviting collaborators and granting permissions
  • Embeds
  • The inspect panel
  • Exporting your project
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