Preparing for the future with smart thinking

Preparing for the future with smart thinking

Jellyfish combined razor-sharp thinking with ultra-efficient workflows to orchestrate an intelligent digital strategy and execution plan that delivers perfect performance.


Rackspace transforms the way companies do business by helping them adopt and adapt to tomorrow’s technologies. They know the latest thinking and innovative ideas will keep their clients ahead of the curve – and Jellyfish is helping them do it.


Combining razor-sharp thinking with ultra-efficient workflows, we’ve orchestrated an intelligent digital strategy and execution plan that delivers perfect performance.

We’ve enhanced data collection and measurement to help them make smarter decisions and improve media cost efficiencies. 

 And through ongoing optimisation and testing, we’re constantly improving our process to increase our effectiveness.

Outstanding Results

  • Bookings revenue improved by 11% with 48% less spend year over year
  • Average order of sale increased by 91% year over year
  • Cost-per-lead decreased by 16% year over year
  • Cost-per-opportunity decreased by 16% year over year
  • Cost-per-booking decreased by 11% year over year

By working closely with Rackspace and thoroughly understanding their business, their approach, and their customers, we’re building their perfect digital journey.

Data. Innovation. Growth together.


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