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Read some stuff about things

17 Jul 2024Shamsul Chowdhury

Pitchin’ Ain’t Easy

In this podcast, we explore how to demystify and optimize the pitch, one of our industry's most challenging, rewarding, and essential processes. Pitching isn't easy, but to shed light on this crucial aspect of the advertising business, we speak with Jenna Cummings, co-founder of We Are Rival, and Amy Crowther, VP of Brand Strategy at Jellyfish. They discuss how the pitch has evolved, how it continues to change, and what professionals need to understand and apply to make the greatest impact on a brand.

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Jellyfish purple background with Webinar mention and 2 people watching TV
4 Jul 2024Brooke Truskey

Unlocking the Power of Sponsored TV: A Full-Funnel Strategy for Success

Did you know Prime Video boasts a massive monthly audience reach that rivals Netflix? That's right, it reaches millions. But here's what's more surprising: This audience is twice the size of Sky! Watch our free webinar with Amazon Ads and Jellyfish to get tarted and reach a new incremental audience with Sponsored TV on Amazon

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4 Jul 2024Brett Cella

Stronger data = stronger AI success

Before diving into AI-generated marketing, it's important to get your data foundation right. Brett Cella, our Regional Director for Ireland & VP of Analytics, believes every brand needs a strong data strategy. Here are his key tips for advertisers. The race to harness AI in advertising is heating up, with marketers worldwide striving to leverage generative and predictive AI for a competitive edge. However, high-quality data is the crucial foundation behind these advanced technologies. Without a solid data strategy, even the most sophisticated AI models will fall short.

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3 Jul 2024Shamsul Chowdhury

Reading the Numbers with Econometrician Grace Kite

In our podcast ‘Unraveling Metrics with Econometrician Grace Kite’, we delve into the intricacies of measuring marketing success. With an array of metrics at marketers' disposal, determining the right key performance indicators (KPIs) can be challenging. Joined by Grace and brand strategist Tom Roach, we explore the importance of contextualizing metrics within industry trends and overarching objectives. By identifying common pitfalls in performance analysis and discussing strategies for future-proofing marketing efforts, we aim to empower listeners with insights for informed decision-making.

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2 Jul 2024Pierre-Alexandre Yacoub

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 101

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) aims to improve the user experience (UX) to align business objectives with the expectations of Internet users. This discipline goes beyond AB Testing by involving a variety of skills. CRO encompasses the continuous improvement of web and mobile interfaces, seeking to convert interactions into valuable actions for the company (purchases, registrations, etc.). To succeed in this field, it is crucial to have analytical, marketing and development skills, as well as a rigorous methodology and clearly defined objectives.

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19 Jun 2024Shamsul Chowdhury

Training & Upskilling to Keep Adding Value

In our podcast ‘Training & Upskilling to Keep Adding Value,’ we delve into the critical role that training and upskilling play in workforce growth and retention. We sit down with Lavall Chichester, CEO of Growth Skills, who shares his unique journey and offers valuable insights for leaders. Chichester discusses how continuous learning and development can keep employees motivated and aligned with organizational goals far more effectively than occasional social events. Our conversation highlights that investing in employee growth is key to fostering a dedicated and cohesive team.

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Blog Header Jellyfish Supply Path Optimization People working together
10 Jun 2024Jellyfish

40% Waste*, 100% Opportunity: Revolutionizing Digital Ad Spend with Supply Path Optimization

Programmatic advertising often sees 40% of budgets lost in the supply chain due to numerous intermediaries and reselling fees. Discover how our experts address these inefficiencies with advanced Supply Path Optimization (SPO), reducing costs and boosting performance by streamlining ad paths and leveraging detailed data analysis.

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5 Jun 2024Luisa Monteiro Furlan

Podcast: AI, Diversity & Leadership

In this episode, join Jellyfish's Culture & Engagement Director, Luisa Monteiro Furlan, as she hosts part two of Culture Day. Featuring special guests Nigel Hewson and author Abigail Balfe, this podcast delves into crucial topics like pride in the workplace and embracing neurodiversity. 

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3 Jun 2024Cecilia Baratelli

The Power of Customer Engagement: Achieving Full Automation for Relevant Experiences

Providing timely, hyper-personalized and cross-channel conversations is a necessity to enhance the customer experience by adapting the communication to each stage of the journey. Find out how your brand can maximize customer lifetime value.

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21 May 2024Céline Craipeau

Reconciling Media Performance with Carbon Reduction: Learnings from Sanofi’s Journey

In our recent webinar, ‘Reconciling Media Performance with Carbon Reduction: Sanofi’s Journey,’ we discussed with industry leading speakers Scope 3 and Sanofi how we can make a difference with carbon measurement and reduction.

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J+climate screenshot on a desktop screen.
21 May 2024

Re-evaluating media planning to reduce carbon footprint

Céline Craipeau, VP of Sustainability at Jellyfish talks with Google about how sustainability is a core focus for us at Jellyfish and how we show up and serve others with our sustainable principles — from our in-house operations to how we work with clients.

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10 May 2024Luisa Monteiro Furlan

Podcast: Pride and Neurodiversity

In this episode, join Jellyfish's Culture & Engagement Director, Luisa Monteiro Furlan, as she hosts part two of Culture Day. Featuring special guests Nigel Hewson and author Abigail Balfe, this podcast delves into crucial topics like pride in the workplace and embracing neurodiversity. 

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5 May 2024Shamsul Chowdhury

Podcast: Navigating a Future With AI

In this episode, Shamsul Chowdhury, EVP of paid social at Jellyfish, is joined by two data scientists, Amanda Lee from Jellyfish and Elaine Kozma from Camino Robotics, to reflect on the technological and ethical impacts of AI in marketing. With their unique backgrounds, they delve into the technological advancements and ethical considerations of AI in marketing, offering insights valuable for both implementing AI technology and shaping related policies.

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2 May 2024Céline Craipeau

Placing sustainability at the heart of our digital marketing strategy

There is no doubt the world is facing a crisis. Yet amidst the challenges, there’s an opportunity for meaningful change. At Jellyfish, beyond just reducing our carbon footprint, we recognize the urgent need to reassess our practices, from the content we produce to how we allocate our resources, to strive for a more sustainable future.

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24 Apr 2024Céline Craipeau

A Sustainable Economy: The Potential of Marketing to Create a Positive Change

In our recent webinar, "A Sustainable Economy: The Potential of Marketing to Create a Positive Change," we were honored to welcome three outstanding guests from across the industry to explore how marketers can reshape their roles and practices to drive a more sustainable future.

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23 Apr 2024Brooke Truskey

Amazon Prime Video Advertising - What brands should know about this new channel

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the introduction of advertising on Prime Video marks a pivotal moment in the transformation of TV advertising. Traditional linear TV is facing competition from streaming services, leading to segmented TV launches and the integration of advertising on digital platforms. The introduction of advertising on Prime Video brings forth a wealth of opportunities for brands, with the platform boasting an impressive reach, tapping into Amazon’s extensive user base of 9 million viewers. 

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23 Apr 2024

Privacy Opportunity Score

Privacy is 2024’s big opportunity. A special moment during an ongoing wave of change, where brands can gain a competitive advantage in winning and retaining customers. Jellyfish has launched the Privacy Opportunity Score to give brands insights and provide recommendations on how to maximize business impact

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17 Apr 2024Shamsul Chowdhury

Podcast: Reviewing 2023 and Predicting 2024

The conversation covers AI's integration, Barbie's influence, TikTok's surge, and Twitter's decline, alongside future social media trends. Predictions point to the growth of the creator economy and the rising importance of live events in 2023 and 2024.

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17 Apr 2024

AI maturity assessment: Embrace the present and future of Marketing with AI

In an era where AI reshapes landscapes across industries, understanding your organization's AI maturity isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. Find out where you stand in AI adoption by taking the Jellyfish AI Maturity Assessment

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Screen Ai personalization
16 Apr 2024Shukriyyah Muhammad

Top 5 ways AI is Reshaping Website Personalization

Ever wondered how some websites seem to magically tailor their content and recommendations just for you? Well, let's talk about how AI is making that happen and why it's such a game-changer for online personalization.

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12 Apr 2024Brooke Truskey

3 Effective strategies to unlock retail media performance with Amazon Marketing Cloud

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, mastering the art of retail media is paramount for brands seeking to thrive in the competitive market. Understanding how to leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is key to drive performance and enhance audience engagement. Our experts are here to share three effective strategies to leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud for better results.

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2 Apr 2024Ryan Potts

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Shopping Ad Performance

The DMA rulings came into force on March 6th, and in line with that, Google have begun rolling out a number of changes to their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). But what does this really mean to advertisers?

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22 Feb 2024Luis Pedro Martinez

Using Holiday insights to keep the momentum going

Luis Pedro Martinez, VP Partnerships at Jellyfish, talks with Amazon Ads about holiday insights, campaign optimization and the importance of reporting.

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13 Feb 2024Ivan Alcantara

The (necessary) evolution of metrics and KPIs in Digital Marketing

At this crucial moment in the history of the digital marketing industry, it is essential to reconsider whether the measurement systems and methods that have always existed still make sense in the year 2024.

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Geolift White paper on a Jellyfish Background
16 Jan 2024

White Paper: Discover the Future of Advertising in a Cookieless World

Are you ready to transform your advertising game in the new era of privacy? We're excited to present our groundbreaking whitepaper co-published with Meta on GeoLift, a game-changer in the advertising industry.

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13 Dec 2023Luis Pedro Martinez

Webinar: Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud

Watch our latest webinar: Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud: Maximize your insights and measure the success of your holiday campaigns on Amazon. Seize the opportunity to act on your brand insights for Q4 via Amazon Marketing Cloud, gaining a deep understanding of your primary campaign performance, audience metrics, and effective strategies for optimizing in 2024!

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8 Nov 2023Brett Cella

What advertisers must know before their first-party data strategies are made redundant in less than 120 days

First-party data media activation is changing on March 6 2024 - this article will tell you what you need to know and action ASAP.

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PMax White Paper on Green Jellyfish Background
8 Nov 2023

How Performance Max is shaping the future of advertising

Performance Max (otherwise known as PMax) is Google's latest AI-powered campaign. It has generated significant buzz and is set to influence marketers across various industries. Download our latest white paper to learn more.

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Phone with Salesforce Apps on a blue Jellyfish Background
25 Oct 2023Cara Wilson

4 Salesforce Marketing Cloud features Financial Services should be using for personalisation

It should be a known fact that most customers expect slick and highly personalized online experiences from every company they engage with. And, as the evolution of technology shows no sign of slowing down, this expectation is only going to increase. 

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Nick Emery wearing a blue polo shirt, sat at a table with a mug and his phone. He is looking at the camera and he has his hands clasped in front of him, with his elbows on the table.
24 Oct 2023

Creative And Media’s Much-Needed Merger

Nick Emery is a special guest on the AdExchanger Talks podcast

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20 Oct 2023Denis Fonteneau

Unlock Marketing Insights with GeoLift

Geolift forms part of our triple alliance of measurement - three components that are poised to revolutionise how we, as an industry, measure marketing effectiveness.

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28 Sep 2023Brett Cella

The future of measurement lies in sGTM

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, we stand as the vanguard of innovation and transformation. In a world where privacy concerns have led to the demise of third-party cookies, we proudly hoist the flag of change. At the heart of this revolution lies our powerful ally - Server-Side Google Tag Manager.

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7 Sep 2023Brett Cella

Value-Based Bidding in the Age of iOS 17: Challenges and Solutions

Our solution for the future of value-based bidding with the possible demise of auto-tagging

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A laptop screen showing the Amazon homepage on Prime Day
31 Jul 2023

Prime Day is Over - Get Ready for Prime Day!

Amazon has done it again!  US Amazon reports it had the strongest single sale day for  Prime Day since it launched this event in 2015:  Prime Day spending reached nearly $13 Billion in sales, growing about 6% YoY. Things started with a bang on day 1, being the strongest of both days.

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Three baseball caps in a row. From left to right - one blue, one white and one red. They all have the words Hackathon 2023 on them, alongside the Google and Jellyfish logos
27 Jul 2023Hannah Dempsey

Unleashing Innovation: Insights from our Hackathon with Google

Following the success of our 2022 hackathon, our partner Google approached us to be part of the event, and our 2023 hackathon became the biggest in history.

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30 Jun 2023

AI & SGE: Thoughts on Google I/O 2023 & The Search Landscape

Discover how Search Generative Experience (SGE) will impact traffic and rankings from organic search

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20 Jun 2023Jack Smyth

The first steps for every brand exploring GenAI

We believe generative AI is a generational opportunity to reshape every category. But many marketers face a simple question: where do I start?

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A white iPad with a purple background, showing the front cover of the whitepaper. The front cover has the headline 'Accelerate Your App Marketing Growth Strategy' with a young woman wearing an orange top and wearing white headphones who is looking at her black iPhone and smiling.
6 Apr 2023

Accelerate your App Marketing Growth Strategy

Download our white paper and discover how to maximize your app’s potential and stay ahead of the competition.

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Robot face versus a human face - Jellyfish Blog
30 Mar 2023

Can AI really replace brand strategists?

Could ChatGPT be your brand's next Strategist? Our Brand Strategy Director, James Croft investigated, finding that while AI may be helpful for brainstorming, you shouldn't write off human input just yet...

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Jellyfish White paper: Optimize your google product feed like a pro
30 Nov 2022

White paper: Optimise your Google product feed like a pro

While this paper zooms in on Google Ads, the tips and tricks shared below can be your secret weapon to master any dynamic product ad platform out there - be it Facebook Dynamic Ads, Criteo, Snapchat Product Catalog Ads, or beyond. Don't miss out on the chance to level up your ad game!

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woman holding a phone
15 Nov 2022Julie Cazaux

Blurred lines: shoppable social and engaging eCommerce

The future of eCommerce marketing is in the hands of those who are able to connect the dots and master the algorithms

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2 Nov 2022

Shorten the path to purchase for consumers

White Paper - How Direct-In-Platform (DIP) shopping can accelerate growth for commerce brands

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7 Oct 2022Carol-ann Motard

Supply Path Optimisation (SPO) is here to last

Supply Path Optimisation(SPO), which is centered on an in-depth understanding of programmatics, has become a key issue in programmatic digital marketing due to its complexification.

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Supercharge your App Campaigns - Jellyfish
29 Sep 2022Luisa Del Maschio

Supercharge your App Campaigns

Leveraging asset optimization and creative to drive success

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5 Sep 2022Stevie Peacock

Data-driven Shopping

Uncover valuable product insights to amplify your shopping campaigns

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Netflix, Microsoft, Ronseal - Jellyfish
21 Jul 2022Josh Reidy

Netflix, Microsoft, Ronseal

Netflix, Microsoft and the rest of us have a generational opportunity to help change the course of digital advertising

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26 Jun 2022Emma Rose

40 content formats all digital marketers should be aware of

Get your message across in the best way. We’ve listed out 40 formats with examples to inspire your next campaign.

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1 Jun 2022Jellyfish

Android Privacy Sandbox

After the introduction of the Privacy Sandbox for the web, Google has announced its equivalent in the application environment for its Android application system. In this article we will introduce Google’s main proposals for its Privacy Sandbox on Android and the potential impacts on the ecosystem.

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10 May 2022

What business leaders need to know about privacy

White Paper : Discover how current and future privacy changes can impact your business - for the better. 

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4 May 2022Nelson Chouissa

Sunset of GA3 – Sunrise of GA4

After two years of existing happily alongside GA4, Google Analytics Universal (or GA3) will be deprecated and will give way to GA4 next year. This handover marks a turning point in data-driven marketing, because, as we already see it, GA4 radically changes data usage, from collection to activation

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Jellyfish integrates with Amazon APIs for advanced reporting and insights
22 Mar 2022

Jellyfish integrates with Amazon APIs for advanced reporting and insights

Jellyfish offers a dedicated Amazon analytics program, which connects to Amazon APIs to provide easy-to-use, personalized, and responsive dashboard to clients.

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16 Mar 2022James Parker

Google Analytics 4: The future of Analytics

Google has announced that in July 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits, effectively sunsetting the platform. In its place is the already available Google Analytics 4 (commonly known as GA4), the newest generation of Google’s analytics measurement solution.

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7 Mar 2022Hannah Dempsey

Why Google Analytics isn’t illegal, and other facts

Right now, our industry is reeling from the recent decisions being made by the data protection authorities around websites, the use of Google Analytics and the lack of compliancy around GDPR.

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4 Nov 2021Ed Bussey

Primed for a digital makeover: recreating the in-store experience online

How beauty companies can significantly increase customer acquisition and retention and survive the upcoming digital-first era

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Enhance customer experiences with a move into Omnichannel Marketing - Jellyfish
4 Nov 2021Joe Murfitt

Enhance customer experiences with a move into Omnichannel Marketing

As customers look to interact with brands on a variety of platforms, companies need to adopt an Omnichannel Marketing approach in order to succeed.

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People working on computer 2 men and 1 woman.
4 Nov 2021Matt Wurst

A Unified Approach to Acquisition and Conversion

Content strategies are ripe for significant transformation thanks to more efficient and more accurate analytics tools and a more sophisticated digital consumer.

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18 Oct 2021Marjorie Borreda

Building exceptional brand experiences on Amazon through data-driven content

Consumer behavior around shopping has changed, accelerated by the pandemic. Ecommerce is fast becoming the preferred channel not only to purchase products but also to discover and to learn about products and brands. What has stayed the same is what the consumer needs; inspiration, information and availability.

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23 Sep 2021

How SEO & PR can drive impact for the holiday season

In an interview with Botify, PR Director Katheryn Watson offers advice on how PR teams can leverage their expertise for beneficial outcomes during Black Friday and beyond.

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20 Sep 2021

Top tips to prepare for the 2021 holiday shopping season

The team at Botify had a chat with our Earned Media team to get their advice on how to navigate the next couple of months to maximise the much-anticipated holiday season.

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17 Sep 2021

Why the sales funnel is the cockroach of marketing concepts

It doesn’t seem right that most of the industry uses a template built on three layers which are each mostly wrong and not strongly supported by marketing science.

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Jellyfish - Solving the Privacy puzzle
7 Sep 2021Hannah Dempsey

Solving the Privacy puzzle

Privacy could be the most talked-about topic around the boardroom table. How should businesses get ready for the incoming changes?

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2 Sep 2021

Avoid stockouts on Amazon

Why being out of stock can cost your business a lot of money and our tools and techniques to avoid stock-outs on Amazon

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2 Sep 2021

How Amazon is becoming a new Social Network

With thousands of reviews, Q&A and comments, Amazon is bound to become another social network. Here is why

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2 Sep 2021Julie Cazaux

Boost your product reviews with Amazon’s Vine program!

Getting reviews is key to selling on Amazon and Amazon’s vine program is here to help you do that!

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19 Aug 2021Cara Wilson

Re-engagement campaigns: an email marketing essential

A re-engagement campaign has always been on the list of ‘must haves’ for email marketers and CRM managers. But due to a combination of recent events, it’s never been so pertinent to have one.

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Jellyfish - The changing shape of the eCommerce landscape
22 Jul 2021Jellyfish

The changing shape of the eCommerce landscape

The retail world is undergoing a paradigm shift, as the way people shop online is fundamentally changing.

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