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Read some stuff about things

28 Sep 2023Brett Cella

The future of measurement lies in sGTM

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, we stand as the vanguard of innovation and transformation. In a world where privacy concerns have led to the demise of third-party cookies, we proudly hoist the flag of change. At the heart of this revolution lies our powerful ally - Server-Side Google Tag Manager.

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7 Sep 2023Brett Cella

Value-Based Bidding in the Age of iOS 17: Challenges and Solutions

Our solution for the future of value-based bidding with the possible demise of auto-tagging

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A laptop screen showing the Amazon homepage on Prime Day
31 Jul 2023

Prime Day is Over - Get Ready for Prime Day!

Amazon has done it again!  US Amazon reports it had the strongest single sale day for  Prime Day since it launched this event in 2015:  Prime Day spending reached nearly $13 Billion in sales, growing about 6% YoY. Things started with a bang on day 1, being the strongest of both days.

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Three baseball caps in a row. From left to right - one blue, one white and one red. They all have the words Hackathon 2023 on them, alongside the Google and Jellyfish logos
27 Jul 2023Hannah Dempsey

Unleashing Innovation: Insights from our Hackathon with Google

Following the success of our 2022 hackathon, our partner Google approached us to be part of the event, and our 2023 hackathon became the biggest in history.

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30 Jun 2023

AI & SGE: Thoughts on Google I/O 2023 & The Search Landscape

Discover how Search Generative Experience (SGE) will impact traffic and rankings from organic search

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20 Jun 2023Jack Smyth

The first steps for every brand exploring GenAI

We believe generative AI is a generational opportunity to reshape every category. But many marketers face a simple question: where do I start?

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A white iPad with a purple background, showing the front cover of the whitepaper. The front cover has the headline 'Accelerate Your App Marketing Growth Strategy' with a young woman wearing an orange top and wearing white headphones who is looking at her black iPhone and smiling.
6 Apr 2023

Accelerate your App Marketing Growth Strategy

Download our white paper and discover how to maximize your app’s potential and stay ahead of the competition.

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Robot face versus a human face - Jellyfish Blog
30 Mar 2023

Can AI really replace brand strategists?

Could ChatGPT be your brand's next Strategist? Our Brand Strategy Director, James Croft investigated, finding that while AI may be helpful for brainstorming, you shouldn't write off human input just yet...

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Jellyfish White paper: Optimize your google product feed like a pro
30 Nov 2022

White paper: Optimise your Google product feed like a pro

While this paper zooms in on Google Ads, the tips and tricks shared below can be your secret weapon to master any dynamic product ad platform out there - be it Facebook Dynamic Ads, Criteo, Snapchat Product Catalog Ads, or beyond. Don't miss out on the chance to level up your ad game!

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woman holding a phone
15 Nov 2022Julie Cazaux

Blurred lines: shoppable social and engaging eCommerce

The future of eCommerce marketing is in the hands of those who are able to connect the dots and master the algorithms

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2 Nov 2022

Shorten the path to purchase for consumers

White Paper - How Direct-In-Platform (DIP) shopping can accelerate growth for commerce brands

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7 Oct 2022Carol-ann Motard

Supply Path Optimisation (SPO) is here to last

Supply Path Optimisation(SPO), which is centered on an in-depth understanding of programmatics, has become a key issue in programmatic digital marketing due to its complexification.

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Supercharge your App Campaigns - Jellyfish
29 Sep 2022Luisa Del Maschio

Supercharge your App Campaigns

Leveraging asset optimization and creative to drive success

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5 Sep 2022Stevie Peacock

Data-driven Shopping

Uncover valuable product insights to amplify your shopping campaigns

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Netflix, Microsoft, Ronseal - Jellyfish
21 Jul 2022Josh Reidy

Netflix, Microsoft, Ronseal

Netflix, Microsoft and the rest of us have a generational opportunity to help change the course of digital advertising

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26 Jun 2022Emma Rose

40 content formats all digital marketers should be aware of

Get your message across in the best way. We’ve listed out 40 formats with examples to inspire your next campaign.

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1 Jun 2022Jellyfish

Android Privacy Sandbox

After the introduction of the Privacy Sandbox for the web, Google has announced its equivalent in the application environment for its Android application system. In this article we will introduce Google’s main proposals for its Privacy Sandbox on Android and the potential impacts on the ecosystem.

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10 May 2022

What business leaders need to know about privacy

White Paper : Discover how current and future privacy changes can impact your business - for the better. 

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4 May 2022Nelson Chouissa

Sunset of GA3 – Sunrise of GA4

After two years of existing happily alongside GA4, Google Analytics Universal (or GA3) will be deprecated and will give way to GA4 next year. This handover marks a turning point in data-driven marketing, because, as we already see it, GA4 radically changes data usage, from collection to activation

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Jellyfish integrates with Amazon APIs for advanced reporting and insights
22 Mar 2022

Jellyfish integrates with Amazon APIs for advanced reporting and insights

Jellyfish offers a dedicated Amazon analytics program, which connects to Amazon APIs to provide easy-to-use, personalized, and responsive dashboard to clients.

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16 Mar 2022James Parker

Google Analytics 4: The future of Analytics

Google has announced that in July 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits, effectively sunsetting the platform. In its place is the already available Google Analytics 4 (commonly known as GA4), the newest generation of Google’s analytics measurement solution.

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7 Mar 2022Hannah Dempsey

Why Google Analytics isn’t illegal, and other facts

Right now, our industry is reeling from the recent decisions being made by the data protection authorities around websites, the use of Google Analytics and the lack of compliancy around GDPR.

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4 Nov 2021Ed Bussey

Primed for a digital makeover: recreating the in-store experience online

How beauty companies can significantly increase customer acquisition and retention and survive the upcoming digital-first era

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Enhance customer experiences with a move into Omnichannel Marketing - Jellyfish
4 Nov 2021Joe Murfitt

Enhance customer experiences with a move into Omnichannel Marketing

As customers look to interact with brands on a variety of platforms, companies need to adopt an Omnichannel Marketing approach in order to succeed.

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People working on computer 2 men and 1 woman.
4 Nov 2021Matt Wurst

A Unified Approach to Acquisition and Conversion

Content strategies are ripe for significant transformation thanks to more efficient and more accurate analytics tools and a more sophisticated digital consumer.

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18 Oct 2021Marjorie Borreda

Building exceptional brand experiences on Amazon through data-driven content

Consumer behavior around shopping has changed, accelerated by the pandemic. Ecommerce is fast becoming the preferred channel not only to purchase products but also to discover and to learn about products and brands. What has stayed the same is what the consumer needs; inspiration, information and availability.

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23 Sep 2021

How SEO & PR can drive impact for the holiday season

In an interview with Botify, PR Director Katheryn Watson offers advice on how PR teams can leverage their expertise for beneficial outcomes during Black Friday and beyond.

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20 Sep 2021

Top tips to prepare for the 2021 holiday shopping season

The team at Botify had a chat with our Earned Media team to get their advice on how to navigate the next couple of months to maximise the much-anticipated holiday season.

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17 Sep 2021

Why the sales funnel is the cockroach of marketing concepts

It doesn’t seem right that most of the industry uses a template built on three layers which are each mostly wrong and not strongly supported by marketing science.

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Jellyfish - Solving the Privacy puzzle
7 Sep 2021Hannah Dempsey

Solving the Privacy puzzle

Privacy could be the most talked-about topic around the boardroom table. How should businesses get ready for the incoming changes?

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2 Sep 2021

Avoid stockouts on Amazon

Why being out of stock can cost your business a lot of money and our tools and techniques to avoid stock-outs on Amazon

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2 Sep 2021

How Amazon is becoming a new Social Network

With thousands of reviews, Q&A and comments, Amazon is bound to become another social network. Here is why

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2 Sep 2021Julie Cazaux

Boost your product reviews with Amazon’s Vine program!

Getting reviews is key to selling on Amazon and Amazon’s vine program is here to help you do that!

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19 Aug 2021Cara Wilson

Re-engagement campaigns: an email marketing essential

A re-engagement campaign has always been on the list of ‘must haves’ for email marketers and CRM managers. But due to a combination of recent events, it’s never been so pertinent to have one.

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Jellyfish - The changing shape of the eCommerce landscape
22 Jul 2021Jellyfish

The changing shape of the eCommerce landscape

The retail world is undergoing a paradigm shift, as the way people shop online is fundamentally changing.

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iphone on a desk
10 Jun 2021Mike Hall

What email marketers need to know about iOS 15

If you’re sending out emails to your customers, you’ll want to take note of the new feature set to be added in iOS 15

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Woman holding an ipad smiling in office
9 Jun 2021

How to benchmark and build a digital transformation roadmap

A look at how we’re solving the digital transformation challenges through effective planning.

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18 May 2021Jellyfish

Insight Report: Winning the ecommerce race

Our report reveals the critical role of Performance Content in retail ecommerce.

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14 Apr 2021Ben Johnson

Digital Transformation: Are you ready?

In marketing, true digital transformation is an ongoing narrative involving a mindset shift in attitudes and capabilities, not just achieving ‘digital nirvana’.

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15 Feb 2021Jeremy Hemmert

Amazon Business – don’t wait to get your share

In this article we explain how Amazon Business works, why you should consider it and our best practices to be successful.

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14 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

Merchant Fulfilled Network: an alternative to FBA

We detail each program available for Amazon Sellers: Between MFN or FBA what is the best option based on your goals

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14 Feb 2021Jeremy Hemmert

Virtual Bundles for FBA Sellers: What does it mean?

Everything there is to know about virtual and hard bundles on Amazon

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14 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

How to analyse your advertising campaign’s ACoS on Amazon

Everything you need to know about ACoS and TACoS in order to maximize the efficiency of your Amazon advertising campaigns.

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14 Feb 2021Marjorie Borreda

There is more to a best-in-class Amazon search strategy than just optimizing keywords

There is much to learn from the searched keywords on Amazon

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14 Feb 2021Ed Bussey

Transforming product descriptions into the beauty industry’s online sales assistants

How to help buyers make purchasing decisions on beauty products

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14 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

Top 10 KPIs to track when managing advertising campaigns on Amazon

To complete our series on the essential KPIs to monitor an Amazon Business, a focus on advertising is essential. Here are our top 10 KPIs!

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11 Feb 2021Ed Bussey

Replicating the appeal of the home and garden showroom online

The global pandemic has made the shift to an online home goods business more urgent than ever in order to thrive.

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10 Feb 2021Jeremy Hemmert

Increase your profitability on Amazon

Growth is not infinite, so at some point it is vital to start thinking about how to increase your profitability on Amazon.

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10 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

Top 10 KPIs to track for Amazon Vendors

The top KPIs to follow when you are an Amazon Vendor to grow your Business

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10 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

The beverage category on

Here is everything you need to know to adapt your strategy or grow your business on the Beverage Category on Amazon

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9 Feb 2021Manant Maheshwari

Sponsored brand video: When out-stream meets in-stream

Discover how you can best use the new sponsored brand video format on Amazon to grow your business and gain visibility

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9 Feb 2021Julie Cazaux

The baby category on Amazon

What parents are looking for, who are the key brands when it comes to the baby category on Amazon?

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8 Feb 2021Marjorie Borreda

Know your audience on Amazon: The power of reviews

The importance of reviews for your Amazon Business

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8 Feb 2021Marjorie Borreda

New Product Launch on Amazon: Use the “Born to Run” Program

Everything you need to know about Amazon Born to Run Program to help Vendors successfully launch a new product.

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25 Jan 2021Nelson Chouissa

Google Analytics is no more. Long live GA4

Exploring the impacts and benefits of GA 4 for data-driven marketing

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13 Jan 2021Natalie Hapgood

And the Awards Goes to… Effective “For Your Consideration” Campaigns

Marketing to a wider, yet still targeted, audience can really drive campaigns and remind voters.

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11 Jan 2021Ed Bussey

Why product descriptions are the unsung heroes of homeware websites

Our solutions for successful online quality product description on homeware equipment product shopping websites

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4 Jan 2021Jeremy Hemmert

10 KPIs to track for Amazon Sellers

Here are the top 10 KPIs selected by our experts to efficiently monitor your Amazon Seller Business.

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17 Dec 2020

Beyond ASO: Unifying Organic and Paid Search

Shifting focus towards creating harmony between paid and organic search for ASO.

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11 Dec 2020Ed Bussey

Employing product descriptions to provide great service and a luxury experience online

The evolution of retailing since the global pandemic and how best to describe products for luxury brands to perform online

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