Amazon Prime Video Advertising - What brands should know about this new channel

Brooke Truskey

Senior E-Retail Consultant

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the introduction of advertising on Prime Video marks a pivotal moment in the transformation of TV advertising. Traditional linear TV is facing competition from streaming services, leading to segmented TV launches and the integration of advertising on digital platforms. The introduction of advertising on Prime Video brings forth a wealth of opportunities for brands, with the platform boasting an impressive reach, tapping into Amazon’s extensive user base of 9 million viewers. 

You can unlock the full potential of Prime Video and drive meaningful results for your business by speaking to someone in our team. In the meantime, our experts are sharing the key features brands need to know to drive success…

Targeting & Personalization 

By leveraging Amazon's extensive data, advertisers can analyze viewer behavior, attribute conversions, and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact. Prime Video's sophisticated targeting options enable advertisers to reach highly relevant audiences with personalized messages, driving engagement and business growth. Helping brands to reach new audiences at scale.

Holistic Measurement & Reporting 

Prime Video's holistic measurement approach allows brands to track ad performance and measure ROI more effectively. Measurement is key to optimizing Prime Video campaigns, with Channel Planner accessible via the AMC and DSP reporting, and upcoming Médiamétrie Deal at the end of the year. 

Strategic Considerations

To ensure you are implementing a cohesive strategy, brands need to first consider the following: 

  • What regions have access: 

  • Where your ads will appear and why it is relevant: (the following is copy and pasted from Amazon here)

Prime Video ads will run on Amazon Originals and licensed third-party content included with a Prime membership. The ad experience will include both pre- and mid-roll ad breaks. The experience will vary based on title with some featuring only pre-roll ad breaks. We strive to deliver an experience with meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers. Title inclusion varies by locale.

With Jellyfish as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of Prime Video and drive meaningful results for your business. Our teams are equipped and ready to collaborate with brands seeking to leverage this dynamic platform to its fullest potential. Let's embark on this journey together and shape the future of TV advertising.

Amazon Prime Video : a pivotal platform

The introduction of advertising on Prime Video brings forth a wealth of opportunities for brands. Prime Video Ads boast an impressive reach of 9 million viewers, tapping into Amazon's extensive user base. With over 230 million Amazon Prime users globally (as of February 2024), representing around 71% of Amazon users. Additionally, in the second quarter of 2023, Amazon Prime Video had reached 21% of the SVOD market share, superior to Netflix’ 20% share which strongly indicates the establishment of Amazon Prime Video as the leader of streaming services. Combining its services, Amazon offers unparalleled potential to reach and engage with a highly engaged audience. Here is what you should know about Prime Video from our experts. 

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