Podcast: Reviewing 2023 and Predicting 2024

Shamsul Chowdhury

EVP Paid Social, Jellyfish


Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, The Jellyfish Current: "Reviewing 2023 and Predicting 2024," where we dive into the significant developments of the past year and forecast what's to come in the world of digital engagement and marketing. Join Shamsul Chowdhury, EVP of paid social at Jellyfish, along with industry experts Tom Roach, VP of Brand Strategy, and Rhiannon Davies, Senior Creative Strategy Director, as they analyze the evolving landscape of social media, branding, and marketing trends. From AI's integration to TikTok's surge, and Twitter's decline to the rise of the creator economy, this podcast explores the key insights and predictions shaping the future of digital engagement in 2024.


The changing landscape of digital engagement

In this episode, Shamsul Chowdhury, EVP of paid social at Jellyfish, is joined by Tom Roach, VP of Brand Strategy, and Rhiannon Davies, Senior Creative Strategy Director, to reflect on the significant developments of 2023 and discuss the future landscape of digital engagement. The rise of AI in workflows is highlighted as a major trend with its increasing integration into everyday processes. Additionally, the impact of the phenomenon of the Barbie movie emphasizes the innovative marketing strategies employed and the broader implications for brand partnerships. On the same theme, the growing comfort with platforms like TikTok and the evolving role of out-of-home advertising keeps getting noticed. In parallel, the dynamics of Twitter are changing and so is its enduring significance in the face of challenges. Overall, we can anticipate a continued evolution and experimentation in marketing strategies in the coming year.

Navigating social media dynamics

Twitter's decline as an advertising platform is discussed, with reflections on its potential future under its new moniker ‘X’. Many journalists are migrating away from Twitter in favor of LinkedIn, and the observational storytelling, real-time engagement and humor that were once a key aspect of Twitter are increasingly living on TikTok instead. Despite its decline, Twitter remains significant for news events and humor. The conversation shifts to the evolving landscape of social media, with TikTok thriving as a platform for fleeting connections. The discussion then touches on privacy concerns, authenticity in influencer marketing, and the growing influence of influencers in B2B marketing. 

The evolution of branding and marketing

Our hosts then turn their attention to the blurred lines between authentic content and brand endorsements, as well as what constitutes an ad in a world where everyone can be an influencer. Community policing on platforms like Twitter remains crucial in calling out inauthentic advertising practices. The evolving nature of marketing and the challenges it poses for creators and brands are also highlighted.

Trends and reflections on 2023, predictions for 2024

The regulation of political ads is discussed, noting the lack of rules governing honesty in such advertisements in the UK. Additionally, trends in advertising, including the resurgence of humor and the shift towards long-form content, are explored. The anticipation of 2024 as a significant year for politics and live events, with a focus on how platforms like TikTok and Instagram will shape these spaces, is discussed. Overall, 2023 is characterized by the rise of the creator economy, with 2024 expected to bring further developments in politics and live event coverage.

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