Data-driven Shopping

Stevie Peacock

Paid Search Director, Jellyfish

Uncover valuable product insights to amplify your shopping campaigns

Retailers advertising across Google Shopping are faced with fierce competition across the landscape – resulting in high CPCs (cost per clicks). Competitor discounts have a major impact on sales performance and are not taken into account as part of Google’s algorithm. This, combined with moving into a cookieless world, means e-commerce advertising is becoming increasingly harder to navigate.

In a world where user data is becoming more limited, advertisers need to adapt to data modelling and find a fresh approach to optimise our campaigns using the data we do have available.

So, how do you navigate this complex landscape?

The brilliant basics

Before we dive into how you can take your Google Shopping campaigns to the next level using a data-driven approach, it’s important to ensure you have the basics covered first. Below are the three main fundamentals for a strong shopping feed…


Ensure your feed is not missing any mandatory data to start with and make sure there are no disapprovals, as you could be missing out on revenue and these can often lead to account suspension if not resolved


Apply optional attributes to enrich data. This will allow Google to have a better understanding of your products, which will help with relevancy. Your ads will also look more appealing which will help to improve your Click-Through-Rate


If your product titles are missing any key information, updating these to include colours and sizes for example will result in better visibility and higher Click-Through-Rates and Conversion Rates


Of course, there’s more to setting up a shopping campaign than just these 3 fundamentals, and ensuring you have a solid foundation will amplify your success no doubt! You can learn all the fundamentals, alongside exclusive tips and tricks here.

Once you’ve got your basics covered, you can then shift to a more advanced level by transforming your product feed to carry out data-driven automated optimisations using first party data. This will allow you to serve highly relevant and appealing ads.

Fuel your Google Shopping strategy

Data-Driven Shopping is our solution to fueling your Google Shopping strategy by uncovering valuable product insights, from multiple data sources.

We help you identify which product to push or pull, by following an algorithmic logic to automatically categorise and manage products using BigQuery. We then use custom labels to push this categorisation into Google Ads, which allows us to control bids and budgets based on product engagement, performance metrics and price competitiveness data from Google Merchant Center.

Controlling what products appear through this type of categorisation means we:

  • Ensure best selling products are visible
  • Prioritise previously undervalued products
  • Minimise wasted spend on products that are less likely to sell

As the process develops over time…

  • A more diverse set of products will be sold through additional awareness
  • Whilst bringing new incremental users into the brand
  • And maximising effectiveness and return

Watch a 40-minute deep-dive into how Jellyfish and Google implemented this exact strategy for the iconic brand UGG, and the results it produced!

In summary

We believe all brands and retailers can make better use of their first party data to gain competitive advantage of the shopping landscape. Feeding this additional data into your Google Shopping strategy will bring new incremental customers to your brand, by giving Google additional product performance insights outside of the core performance metrics available. This prevents the algorithm from just chasing ROAS, allowing the bid strategy to factor in other signals to maximise effectiveness.

Want to hear more about the unique proprietary optimization framework developed by Jellyfish to maximise sales performance, by analysing internal and external factors to empower brands to make the right business decisions?

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