Private courses

We offer flexible private training courses available for any class size, on any date, at any location and with the content of your choice.
Private training is a great platform for individuals to ask questions and brainstorm new ideas for the business, leaving inspired and motivated by what they’ve learnt during the day.

Our private digital training courses prove popular with organisations that have a number of employees or departments involved in the subject areas we teach. Our courses provide the opportunity for these individuals to come together and receive dedicated, expert training.

Whether it is developing the core digital professions, leveraging the power of the cloud, securing your environment or building an agile business, we are here to help in every step of your digital transformation journey.

Private courses are available across our full range of courses and can adapt to your needs. We can deliver material face to face in the classroom, through our Virtual Classrooms or a location of your choice.

Your course, your way

Private courses offer flexibility so we can accommodate any number of attendees, anywhere you need us to. We’ll work with you to establish the right course for your team. We can create bespoke content specifically for your business and make sure the sessions last within your desired time frame – and even provide the right refreshments.

Supporting your company's digital training doesn't have to end after your day with us. Jellyfish can engage with your team to help ensure skills are maintained, bad habits don’t get a chance to develop and your company stays efficient, effective and ahead of the game.

Customised learning for your virtual team

For organisations with a distributed team who need consistent and critical skills development, the Jellyfish Virtual Classroom Client solution will allow attendees from anywhere in the world to come together for a fully bespoke and customised training session without anyone having to leave their office.

Our Virtual Classroom Client solution offers convenience and allows you to save time and money on travel, ensuring your full budget for training is invested on your main priority - learning.

For further information about our private training sessions call us to discuss your requirements and we'll work with you to establish the right course for you.
We have trained thousands of people in South Africa and all over the world. Helping them to learn more and achieve more.