GA4 Toolkit

Making the jump to Google Analytics 4 is no easy task. That's why we've put together the ultimate guide to running, optimising, and implementing GA4 - a scalable toolkit to ease the change for your organisation.

Moving to and adopting new technologies takes more than just the flick of a switch. If your organisation already has a lot of experience using Universal Analytics, the shift to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will inevitably come with different technical - and personal - challenges for your teams. Our GA4 Toolkit offers the perfect solution. Featuring a collection of materials and guidance in the form of videos, workshops, templates, comms and training support, it has one goal: to empower everyone in your organisation - from developers and analytics experts to brand managers and members of senior leadership - to leverage the power of Google Analytics.

Planning & Pace: We'll work with you to create a timeline, mapping the specific actions your teams will benefit from and when. By breaking the learning journey down into manageable chunks, your teams won't get overwhelmed by too much information being thrown at them all at once.

Mixed Knowledge & Skill Levels: As part of the toolkit, we've created archetypes - different audience personas based on roles within your organisation. We'll help you define your archetypes and use the Know, Think, Do, Feel framework to map the most engaging content to each one.

Teamwork & Communication: Adopting GA4 is a collaborative process. The toolkit encourages healthy relationships by bringing teams together at key moments and decision points.


There are five main components:

  • Templates and checklists: You can either use ours, adapting them to suit your needs, or have us update your own
  • Workshops: Sessions that encourage members of different teams (and in different roles) to come together and problem solve before stepping away to implement their knowledge
  • Recorded classes and handbooks: These allow employees to learn what they need - and give them the freedom to choose when to learn it
  • Trainer support: Our trainers are experts in their field, and will be on hand to answer your team's questions via our online learning and community platform
  • Comms plan: This templated communications plan will be tailored to your organisation's GA4 journey, and helps make sure all your teams are on the same page

The most important way of measuring the toolkit's success is to measure the action your teams have taken as a result of using it.

We'll collect all the actions summarised at the end of each workshop, and follow up with the teams and individuals to check that they're implementing what they've learned.

Once we have a better idea of where they are, we'll discuss potential additional measurements that can be taken - depending on the change you'd like to see in your organisation.


Our GA4 Toolkit differs from our standard classroom training; it's a collection of workshops, materials and guides that have been curated to help organisations integrate the newest version of Google Analytics into their day-to-day business.

As part of the kit, you'll have monthly access to a platform where you can ask questions, use assets, and access recordings. We'll also give you tailored advice, insights into your teams' needs, and provide further action points after implementation.

For further information about our GA4 Toolkit and to discuss your requirements, call us today.
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