Unleash the full power of your marketing intelligence with J+Bidding

Revolutionize your paid media strategy and transform your digital advertising game with our proprietary algorithm whilst elevating your experience with DV360 and Meta.

Brands needs to drive consumer engagement

In an era where digital platforms have evolved with complex, powerful, and independent buying algorithms, your marketing strategy deserves more than a single KPI. DV360 or Meta native bidding algorithms have limitations. That's why we created J+ Bidding – to infuse the full breadth of your marketing intelligence into DV360 and Meta.

J+Bidding in numbers

Unlock the potential of your brand's success.

With four years of hands-on experience, our expertise with Custom Bidding technology is rooted in a history of trade lab proficiency and market insight. J+Bidding is designed to support brands to benefit from effective short-term activations, ambitious reputation-building initiatives, and comprehensive audience and media planning. All are aligned with key business and media KPIs.

40% performance increase

on average for on-site performance KPIs, including visits, actions, leads, or ROAS...

-20% grams of CO2

emitted per mile compared to the benchmark (calculated for a liquor client in 2023)

1 working day

from the point of signature is typically required for a fast and effective implementation process.

Used for Performance, Climate, and Awareness.

With a strategic emphasis on each of these areas, we provide personalized strategies meticulously crafted to enhance your campaign's performance, engage with your audience effectively, and align with your sustainability goals, ensuring a well-rounded approach to achieving your advertising objectives.

J+Bidding for Climate

Embrace sustainability throughout your media operations with J+Bidding for Climate, aligning your strategies with environmental commitments. From optimizing publisher footprints to refining supply paths and leveraging user signals, our solutions prioritize climate-conscious practices across the entire client funnel, ensuring eco-friendly outcomes at every stage.

J+Bidding for Performance

Seamlessly integrate your business objectives across the entire channel spectrum, from upper to mid-funnel, all the way through to conversion with J+Bidding for Performance. Our service extends beyond conventional bidding algorithms, translating your goals into a personalized script tailored for upload to your client's purchasing platform seat. This comprehensive approach enhances your bidding strategies at every stage, ensuring optimization across the entire customer journey.

J+Bidding for Awareness

Boost your brand's visibility at the top of the funnel with J+Bidding for Awareness. Through strategic targeting, we help enhance your brand presence and engage your target audience effectively.

Full Transparency and Control

J+Bidding prides itself on offering a robust platform centered around transparency and control. With a keen focus on clarity of criteria, customizable controls, and cutting-edge algorithms, our solution empowers advertisers to fine-tune and optimize their strategies with ease and precision for maximum effectiveness.


J+ Bidding reveals and explains every programmatic buying criterion for transparency. Programmatic buying is sophisticated, but understanding the buying decisions is crucial. J+ Bidding provides full transparency by disclosing and explaining every buying criterion.


Buying criteria are customized for your needs: Standardisation has its advantages, but J+ Bidding gives you full control. Decide your buying criteria and decide what matters for your brand and products.

Regain control

Benefit from the power of DV360 and Meta algorithms while regaining intelligence and control with J+ Bidding.

Case Study: Club Med

J+ Bidding improves media quality while lowering acquisition costs for Club Med

Club Med, the world leader in high-end all-inclusive vacations, was looking to optimize its online media investments, using a custom Cost-per-Engagement, mixing on-site signals and final purchase, while making sure its brand would be associated with the best quality publishing environment.

Jellyfish developed a tailored bidding algorithm to set the perfect bid for every bidding opportunity. We crafted a strategic solution for Club Med, prioritizing precise performance forecasting and enhancing domain quality and fostering domain affinity.

J+ Bidding proved to be the perfect solution to Club Med’s need for more complex and fully custom campaign management by successfully slashed acquisition costs by 15% compared to utilizing a standard algorithm.


cost per booking entry (engaged session & booking entry) achieved through Custom Bidding for Club Med, exemplifies J+ Bidding's capability to enhance media quality while reducing acquisition costs.


decrease in Club Med's acquisition costs with custom bidding solutions


booking entry conversion rate.