Sponsored brand video: When out-stream meets in-stream

Manant Maheshwari

eRetail Director

While we go about our lives browsing for products that satisfy our explicit or latent needs, something amazing is happening – right on that screen you know so well, each time you’re out for a good deal, a quick delivery, or simply browsing; yes, I’m talking about the Amazon search results page.

The new auto-playing Amazon ads video format

In mid-2019, Amazon Advertising started testing a novel paid format with select clients, specifically targeting mobile audiences: an auto-playing video embedded within Amazon’s hallowed search results. At Seelk, we were among the first to try out this format through our client Devialet. Check out what this looks like (sound on!)

Did I hear you say “That’s out-stream!”? Well, technically it is. But semantically, it’s much more: it’s an out-stream placement for a product, that’s woven into the planet’s largest product discovery platform’s search results page, where people are looking to satisfy a need that your product can perfectly satiate! The unique focus on consumption while one is on Amazon makes this placement semantically much closer to what we’ve come to know as in-stream in the media world.

The unique focus on consumption while one is on Amazon makes this placement semantically much closer to what we’ve come to know as in-stream media.

A unique opportunity for brands

There are 2 main modalities that make this a unique advertising opportunity for brands selling on Amazon:

1. The placement is triggered by a user search and shows up integrated within Amazon’s search results page.

Full visibility and control over when and where your video would play – no targeting opaque segments, no site blocklists to worry about.

2. PPC: Yes, you read that right; Pay. Per. Click.

You pay only only for clicks, not for the impressions – which essentially means free branding in a contextual environment, while you only pay for qualified traffic!

Fast forward to Q4 2020, and the format has been extensively rolled out on desktop and mobile in the USA, UK, and German marketplaces, and is set to roll out in other European marketplaces too!

At Jellyfish, we pride ourselves in facilitating impactful retail media experiences, and we’ve activated the format extensively across the board for our clients from categories ranging from electronics to food to beauty to DIY.

The results so far have been nothing short of fantastic: across our clients, we’ve experienced a CTR almost 2x compared to the “classic” sponsored brand formatand a ROAS that’s 30% higher.

Sponsored brand video campaigns have a 2x CTR & ROAS 30% higher than “classic” sponsored brand campaigns

Why should I use sponsored brand video campaigns?

Capture the shopper’s imaginationA catchy video thrown into the banality of the search results page where every product is trying to hawk their yellow stars and price is sure to make the shopper stop and stare.

Measurable investment that paysAmazon’s search term report makes it as easy as ABC to control who sees your video. And since you pay only for clicks, the sales driven through this traffic more than pay for your investment. We track these metrics alongside the performance of other Amazon Advertising campaigns (“classic” Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP) within Seelk Studio, our one-stop tool for all things Amazon Analytics.

You don’t have to chooseThe Sponsored Brand Video format is a paid placement on Amazon’s search results page in addition to the “classic” Sponsored Brand & Sponsored Product placement. If you’re already investing in the other two, why not try your luck in the third!

How can I best use sponsored brand video?

Context is king

Shoppers are looking for a product to satiate an immediate need; create unique content that showcases your product in a desirable, eye-catching manner. Use that element of surprise when the shopper sees a video where they least expect it to your advantage. Even better if you can add a trend-related spin to it (Christmas for example)! (Re-use them next year, Sponsored Brand Videos are here to stay.)


15 seconds is too short, 30 is too long; keep it simple! Showcase the USP (unique selling proposition) of your product alongside product visuals for best results; avoid text and wasteful effects that may water down the message. Add catchy background music and avoid voiceovers so you can use the same visual across marketplaces.

Bonus: loop the video

The video will automatically loop when it ends; keep the shopper’s eyes on your product for as long as possible by lining up a seamless transition from the end to the beginning of the video. Worst case scenario: the shopper sees your product twice. Best case scenario: the shopper clicks through and buys your product!

Worst case scenario: the shopper sees your product twice. Best case scenario: the shopper clicks through and buys your product!

Most importantly – use Sponsored Brand Video!

Is Sponsored Brand Video already part of your Retail Media strategy? Reach out if you’d like to talk more about it; we love building Amazon success for our clients at Jellyfish!