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Has your app reached its full potential?

In a crowded app ecosystem standing out has never been more important. Having a clearly defined app store optimisation (ASO) strategy is essential to improve your organic growth. However, executing it effectively for lasting results requires both experience and dedicated resources.

As your mobile growth partner, we work collaboratively to help you identify and define what you need to make a lasting impact in both app stores.

We use proprietary methods and data built up from thousands of optimisations to steer the growth strategy for your app. Our team of experts executes hundreds of tests every month. This means that we know exactly how to uncover what will work for your business.

Why it matters?

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the process of improving your app’s visibility within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and its conversion rate.

How we help?

In order for your app to reach its full potential and for you to build on your digital transformation, you need an ASO strategy. Jellyfish delivers this and is here to help meet your goals with:

  • Visibility Optimisation: Ensuring your app appears for both highly searched and relevant keywords starts with optimising your metadata. We’ll define the steps needed to increase your rankings, boost your visibility and increase your share of voice (SOV) within the stores.
  • Creative Optimisation: Your app’s creatives (icons, screenshots, videos) do the heavy lifting and can help convert potential customers into installs. Our approach to quantitative and qualitative testing enables us to produce creatives that will give you the best possible chance to improve conversion rate.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Users check ratings & reviews before downloading apps. Maintaining good quality and quantity of ratings & reviews is crucial for your apps conversion and overall category rank. Our customer sentiment reporting and industry and competitor insights will give you an insight into gaps that need addressing.
  • Measurement: Measuring the effectiveness of ASO is a challenge if you don’t know what metrics you should be following. We use proprietary technology and modeling to remove noise (i.e. external effects of TV/digital campaigns/seasonality) and quantify the relationship between keyword ranks and overall store performance to measure organic growth.

How we do it?

Using our tried and tested approach we’re able to deliver you a bespoke ASO strategy with expert execution.

  1. App Discovery: We’ll research your brand identity, category, and industry, establishing core objectives to put your ASO strategy into action.
  2. Global Strategy: Even if your app has a global audience we will address each market like a local. Our metadata and creative optimisations will target each region taking into account localisation, cultural differences, and nuances.
  3. App Launch: Sustainable long-term success starts before day 1 of your app launch. With our specialist mobile team, supported by the wider Jellyfish group, we will create a roadmap detailing everything needed (before, during, and after launch) to make your app a success.
  4. Execution: Activation, ongoing management, and reporting of ASO activity at a global and regional level.

We help you succeed

Actions: Our phased approach to app store optimisation identifies the opportunities worth targeting to achieve success.

Sharing Insights: As your global digital partner, we will build you an integrated and unified marketing strategy that spans both organic and paid acquisition to deliver best-in-class mobile growth.

Technology: We use proprietary tools and methodologies to steer the growth strategy of your app in any market.

Strategy: Our team of ASO practitioners executes hundreds of tests every month. This means that we know exactly how to uncover what will work for your business. Whatsmore, our test, learn, and grow optimisation cycle will improve efficiencies over time.

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