Asset Optimsation

Ad Creative Optimisation - making your ad assets work harder in the advertising ecosystem

We have brought together media and creative teams to create an integrated approach that ensures all assets are optimised for the channel, placement, audience, and objective, helping those assets work as hard as possible.

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Asset Optimisation allows us to unlock the full potential of media in a platform world

It lets brands capitalise on greater opportunities across ad ecosystems and digital channels by letting them continuously experiment and learn.

By measuring performance and operational efficiencies, assets are created with the latest in best practice understandings, then optimised throughout engagements to assure continuous performance.

Assets that work at scale to unlock global audiences

Research shows that 70% of campaign performance can be attributed to creative, particularly across lower funnel activations. In this highly competitive platform world, those creative assets are more important than ever. We’re here to help you get them right.

70% of campaign performance is due to creative assets

We work closely with media and creative teams to create an optimisation strategy that ensures your ad creative objectives are met and exceeded, while taking into account the latest in best practices. We audit, optimise, and test assets with a goal of enabling greater engagement, visibility and performance.

How does it work?

The process is managed through our proprietary tech J+Workflow, which allows our clients and teams to both access and contribute to projects, from brief through to feedback and approval of ad assets.

What do you get?

From the audit findings, Jellyfish will provide a strategy document with optimisation recommendations, as well as a testing roadmap. These recommendations can be built and implemented by your in-house team or by our specialists here at Jellyfish.

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Optimisation Strategy

We develop bespoke optimization strategies based on a deep understanding of your business and campaign objectives, as well as through connections with media teams and the comprehensive audit of current assets. This foundation is crucial for a winning strategy.

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Optimisation Management

The more we optimise and test, the more we learn what works across different platforms and placements. Ongoing management ensures the assets are optimised and continue to deliver against campaign KPIs.

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We measure impact across six dimensions, focussing on performance and operations to drive campaign effectiveness and operational efficiencies.