Combining cultural insights with platform performance

Cultural relevance is essential to ensuring global communications perform. Our network of 10,000+ copywriters, editors, translators and subject matter experts combine with our production teams to deliver culturally relevant assets in 150+ markets globally. 

Connecting with local audiences in an authentic and culturally relevant way while staying true to a global brand can be challenging

Get it right and your brand can soar. Get it wrong and in today’s connected world you risk reputational damage both locally and globally.

Equally, launching campaigns, products or services simultaneously in multiple markets across all channels, touchpoints and platforms is logistically challenging. Done well and you obtain a significant competitive advantage.

Jellyfish can help.

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Merge cultural insights with your brand’s tone of voice

All of our language teams are based in-market and immersed in their local culture which enables them to draw on cultural insights to help ensure you connect locally with your target audiences.

Equally, we ensure that our teams are inducted into all aspects of your brand so that they are able to act as brand guardians in every market ensuring your brand’s tone of voice is culturally authentic and consistent.

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We use the best in-market talent with the best technology, all informed by data

Combining this cultural, language and brand expertise with our global production capability enables us to coordinate with your global marketing teams to ensure that global campaigns and content are seamlessly delivered across every channel and platform across the globe in support of your communication and business objectives.

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Insight-led content optimised to perform in and across every market

Our combination of the best local language talent, platform focused production expertise across the full spectrum of the advertising funnel from brand communications to Ecommerce content, cutting-edge AI-powered technology and data-informed insights, means that we are uniquely placed to create high-performing, localised content at a speed, scale, efficiency and quality consistency that is difficult to match.

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Dedicated expertise

Our language experts coordinate every aspect of an international campaign or content requirement. Working with our resource managers they help ensure the right local casting for every project - from technical translation or product copy, to creative copywriting - utilising our proprietary application J+ Communities.

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Bespoke technology

The J+ Creative suite is integrated with AI-powered best-in-class translation applications that drive automation and brand consistency, helping deliver the best consistently, and in a way that’s tailored to specific project and account needs.

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Relevant insights

Our data teams deploy cutting-edge measurement and data science tools to measure performance. This informs the optimisation of campaigns and content and helps provide cultural insights for future campaigns and content, enabling continuous improvement.