Website optimisation - Making your website work harder

Making your website work harder

We provide a data-led solution where your websites are audited, optimized and tested with the goal of driving greater engagement, visibility, and performance.

Unlocking greater opportunities across all digital marketing platforms through continuous experimentation and learning.

The importance of optimizing websites


of firms rated their experience of optimisation programs as “valuable” or “extremely valuable” to achieve their strategic goals*


improvement of personalized CTAs compare to default versions.* 


or more of top-converting companies' budget are spent on CRO*

What we do well

User journey insights

We explore your data via an audit to understand your audience and conversions. We identify and prioritise the main optimisations of your site or application in order to improve its performance.

Performance optimisation

We implement an AB test strategy based on the learnings and insights of the audit. We identify the best way to promote your website to optimize its conversions.  

Personalization through bespoke experience

We activate your 1st party data to personalize the user experience. We optimize the continuity from your media campaigns to your website to increase your acquisition KPIs.

Data consulting

We manage the impact of the privacy setup for your website activations. We boost your consent rate via AB testing and improve data collection.

How we work with you

Optimisation Strategy: Understanding you and creating your strategy
1. Discover:
We will take time to understand your vision, business needs, align on overall goals, audit and define targets together.

2. Design: Following the discovery phase, we will provide a strategy document to generate uplifts and tailor the experience for your key audiences

Optimisation Management: Ongoing delivery of your strategy
3. Build:
We will set up and build the optimisations based on a proposed roadmap.

4. Run: Our management programme is based on quarterly cycles of planning, testing and optimizing

Why Jellyfish

We have a team of 80+ specialists in website optimisation, assisted by an experienced and innovative collective of in-house strategists, designers, engineers, researchers, and creative specialists working together across various regions and various expertise: UX, SEO, Content, Strategy, Paid Media, and Engineering. Depending on your needs and objectives, we can assist with bespoke 360 audits and ongoing CRO support aligned with your strategy.

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