Exclusive interview with Claire Leon, CEO of Acorn-i, on the merger with Jellyfish : a new chapter for digital advertising

In this exclusive interview, Claire Leon, co-founder of Acorn-i, shares her insights on the recent merger with Jellyfish and what it means for the future of digital advertising in the retail sector.

The merger with Jellyfish: a unique opportunity

Claire explains that the merger with Jellyfish was structured to create a new entity, Jellyfish Commerce, while maintaining the independent operation of Acorn-i. She highlights Jellyfish's uniqueness as a digital partner offering diverse expertise and underscores the potential impact of this union on the digital advertising landscape.

Expectations for Jellyfish Commerce

She shares her vision for Jellyfish Commerce, emphasizing the growing importance of Retail Media and the need for an omnichannel approach. Claire stresses the importance of data in marketing decision-making and expresses confidence in Jellyfish Commerce's role in meeting these emerging needs.

Short-term goals for Jellyfish Commerce

Claire shares Jellyfish Commerce's immediate plans, highlighting the integration of practices into existing partnerships and the enhancement of services through Acorn-i's technology. She emphasizes the importance of a collaborative, data-driven approach to shaping the future of digital advertising.

This merger between Acorn-i and Jellyfish promises to open new perspectives in the field of digital advertising. Claire Leon is confident in the future of Jellyfish Commerce and its positive impact on the retail sector.