Google Announces Pencil Pro Creative Partnership with Google Ads



At Google Marketing Live this week, Pencil Pro’s partnership with the Google Ads asset library was officially launched, enabling clients to create assets for formats such as PMAX and export them directly into the Google Ads system.

A link to the official communication can be found here.

The announcement coincided with our Head of MarTech, Will Heins, being invited to speak on two separate Creative GenAi-themed panels at the Bay View event. The first breakout was moderated by Google’s VP of Customer Solutions, John Nicoletti and covered topics ranging from how our clients are adapting to the availability of GenAi solutions and how these are helping overcome challenges of producing quality creative at speed and scale.

The second panel was to an audience of international press, alongside the CMO of Samsung US and moderated by Google’s Brendon Kraham, VP of Search & Commerce Global Ads Solutions. The discussion focused on our own successes in delivering GenAi solutions to clients, including leveraging Pencil Pro, the results we’ve achieved and our advice for companies looking to unlock the power of GenerativeAi. 

Jellyfish recently restructured its global creative team to embed GenAi at its core with the launch of its AI Studios team, designed to be the driving force taking Pencil to market and helping clients unlock its asset prediction and production capabilities.