Jellyfish Academy 17 is on!


Jellyfish Insights

Every company should have at least one project that it’s really proud of. Something that gives back to the community, that can transform someone’s life with knowledge. Jellyfish Academy is one of those projects for Jellyfish.

Now in its 17th semester, Jellyfish Academy is a full-time paid program for those with no digital marketing experience required. From Day 1 candidates are trained in the main digital marketing platforms and fundamentals, and coached by the Jellyfish staff, learning digital marketing through hands on experience. After the program, candidates have the opportunity to integrate Jellyfish’s permanent staff, and grow.“I’m an ambassador to JFA because I’ve been through this path of upskilling, learning and developing as a professional. I found here the opportunity to grow and increase my impact in the company, and this is something everyone can do once they start here. Eight years later, I’m still at Jellyfish, as a VP of Paid Media Operations. It was quite a journey that started in this program and I’m really proud of it”, says Mike Verni, one of the program sponsors at Jellyfish, based in the New York Office.

Do you want to dive into the digital world or know anyone who does? If you live in Mexico (Monterrey and Mexico City), South Africa (Durban), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid) or the UK (London), this is your chance!

Below, you see which capabilities Jellyfish is hiring for this semester:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic Display
  • Retail Marketplaces
  • Analytics
  • Paid Media Operations
  • Analytics Operations

You can apply until June 29th. We can’t wait to have you with us!