Jellyfish achieves Facebook Premium Marketing Partner status

Shamsul Chowdhury

EVP Paid Social, Jellyfish

In our continued efforts to grow our digital marketing capabilities, we have recently been recognized globally as a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner. While several companies are a part of Facebook’s Marketing Partner program, Jellyfish has been classified as a Premium partner, the highest of the tiers.

As Facebook continues to become an integral part of the media mix, we have doubled-down on the resources required to help our clients succeed in this competitive space. By growing 50% YoY in investment, we have also been recognized as a Premium partner due to our adoption of best practices, willingness to test out alpha/beta products to push innovation, and because we treat Facebook as a partner first and platform second. Our candor has helped Facebook shape their ad products, which in turn has helped our clients get better results from the platform. The format of the relationship has been beneficial to both Facebook and Jellyfish, but the real beneficiaries have been our clients, who have found ways to win in the ever-crowded social space.

We strive to help our clients capture attention in the noisy newsfeed, which is why the partnership with Facebook is so critical to helping us get a leg up on the competition. As a Premium partner, Jellyfish has access to:

  • Creative workshops – helping brands create thumb-stopping creative and differentiate from the sea of sameness that is the newsfeed
  • Alpha/beta products – identifying new ways that our advertisers can break from the clutter and drive business results
  • Measurement bootcamp – looking at ways to understand the media impact Facebook ads have, both on and offline
  • Training resources – keeping our staff up-to-date on all of Facebook’s offerings so that our clients reap the rewards of best-in-class work

Given the constant change in the Facebook ecosystem, being recognized as a Premium partner will give us an advantage in the marketplace and help us stay ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with our team.