Jellyfish releases first DEI report


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How can a global community be more inclusive?

In August 2023, Forbes shared a concerning finding from the American Association of Advertising Agencies Report: while hiring in the advertising world continues to grow year over year, the number of non-diverse leadership positions kept increasing, with 80.7% of C-suite roles and 77.56% of VPs, SVPs, managing directors, and equivalents lacking diversity.

This inspired us to develop a plan to continue driving change at Jellyfish, creating a platform for every individual to thrive, and committing to compiling our first-ever Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report to better understand our community and address their needs. The study upon which the report is based collected voluntary, confidential, and anonymous feedback and data from 66% of our Jellyfish employees worldwide.

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Nurturing the community begins with defining it

Globally, our team includes:

  • 38% of Black, Indigenous and People of Color
  • 15% members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • 54% women and 1% non-binary professionals
  • 30% caregivers (to children, elderly parents, family with disabilities, etc.)
  • 11% people with disabilities (visible or not)

We're supporting these groups through initiatives such as the release of a new caregiving policy, cultural observance awareness events, transparency regarding the Gender Pay Gap, mentoring and coaching programs for talent, and much more. Our survey shows that 6 in 7 people at Jellyfish have a diverse background, be that because of their gender, sexuality, disabilities or ethnicity. Such efforts support not only these people, but create a strong network of support and allyship to help diverse talent thrive. 

The dataset gathered through the survey is where we begin our journey towards better representation within Jellyfish. Information gathering will be renewed every year from now on, allowing us to prioritize DEI targets per region with equal weight alongside business objectives.

We want to be a home for all talents to work in all ways, ethically, equitably and sustainably. We believe in a world where everyone is treated with love and respect and is truly comfortable bringing their own experiences and perspectives to create new and inventive solutions for our clients.

Nick Emery, CEO