Jellyfish Vision 2024: the evolution of video games

Alistair Parrington

Chief Solutions Officer, Organic Social

Jellyfish Vision 2024: the evolution of video games

Exploring technological trends, by Alistair Parrington, Chief Solutions Officer at Jellyfish

2024 promises to be an innovative year in the realm of video games, and Jellyfish is at the forefront of this digital evolution. Alistair Parrington, our Chief Solutions Officer, Creative Social, shares his insights into upcoming trends and innovations in a recent article published on TechRound.

The great leap of video games: a preview of 2024

In the dynamic world of technology, we are witnessing the continuous growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), transforming the gaming industry into a mainstream phenomenon. Parrington envisions a near future in which creating images from text, voice commands, or gestures becomes intuitively simple. Imagining sending a personalized game to a friend, with them as the protagonist, from your phone is not such a futuristic vision.

AI soundtracks: already award-winning

Alistair emphasizes the significant role of AI in the music domain, foreseeing the creation of original soundtracks by AI. This musical integration aligns with the growing trend of longer-form content, with major brands already getting involved. Parrington anticipates a rise in creators being financially rewarded for producing cinematic-quality content, marking a paradigm shift in digital content creation.

The return of Augmented Reality (AR): Apple's influence

As AR finally steps back out of the shadows, Alistair attributes this shift to the forthcoming omnipresence of Apple devices. He points to the latest update of Google Maps as a precursor to a visually enriched world. Get ready for a perfectly annotated visual experience created by AR technology.

At Jellyfish, bridging technological know-how and creativity, we are constantly evolving in the digital world. Staying at the forefront of digital news is at the core of our commitment.

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