Jellyfish Wins 2020 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year For Training Award

Jellyfish, digital marketing partner to the world’s leading brands (i.e Samsung, Uber, Nestle, Deckers, Spotify, and eBay), today announced they have received the 2020 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for Training award. The award recognizes Jellyfish’s efforts to help its customers successfully accelerate their digital transformation journey through cloud-based training.

With more than 10,000 people trained through the Google Cloud Instructor-Led programs across EMEA and North America, the award recognition reaffirms why customers rely on Jellyfish to prepare and equip their workforce to thrive in a cloud-first ecosystem. During 2020, Jellyfish and Google Cloud worked closely together to develop their partnership identifying opportunities to expand Jellyfish’s team of full-time instructors to deliver high-level cloud training while helping customers acceleratetheir journey to the cloud.

“Jellyfish joined the ATP ecosystem in 2019, and early on, we set a goal to become Google Cloud’s number one global ATP.” Hammond continues, “The achievements in 2020 exceeded all of our expectations; it was an exceptional year. We couldn’t be happier to win the Partner of the Year Award. The recognition fuels our plans to continue developing this exciting aspect of our business globally.”

Chief Solutions Officer for Training at Jellyfish, Jamie Hammond 

“Google Cloud Specializations recognize partner excellence and proven customer success in a particular product area or industry. Based on proven, repeatable customer success and strong technical capabilities, we’re delighted to recognize Jellyfish as the Training Specialization Partner of the Year.”

Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud

Jellyfish works with Google Cloud to ensure learning is at the heart of Google Cloud adoption.To do this, both companies deliver thoughtfully crafted training sessions that lead to long-term use of Google Cloud services to partners across the globe. The partnership with Google Cloud and the success of the Google Cloud training program involves synchronizing goals, driving insights, efficiencies and constantly upskilling both teams.