Supercharge Your Amazon Strategy: Introducing AMC Dashboards by J+ Commerce

Lindsay Naoussy

Marketing Executive

Unleash the power of data and measurement with our cutting-edge Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) dashboards in our J+Commerce Suite. Streamline your Amazon workflow, uncover valuable insights, unlocking new audiences, customers, and sales across the funnel. We’ve spent the last few months developing and enhancing our Amazon Marketing Cloud capabilities on our J+ Commerce Suite.

As we continuously strive to bring you the best in retail analytics technology, we are proud to announce our latest feature - the integration of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) into J+ Commerce dashboards. Designed with efficiency and efficacy at its core, this game-changing feature enables brands and retail media professionals to access comprehensive data insights right from their dashboard. The J+ Commerce suite is designed to streamline your Amazon workflow, uncover valuable insights, and unlock new audiences, customers and sales across the funnel.

Our primary objective with this new integration is operational efficiency; we leverage high-quality AMC data to dramatically minimize the workload of your data science teams. Data analysts can now create a comprehensive set of analyses in just 15 minutes - down from three workdays. This impressive level of efficiency is set to revolutionize how businesses operate on Amazon. From understanding intricate buyer behavior patterns to identifying high-performing marketing strategies, these dashboards equip businesses with knowledge that is not just insightful but actionable. What stands out about the AMC dashboards is their user-friendly design and impressive depth of functionality. 

As an expert, you can now get insights from cross channel Sponsored Ads (SPA) and Display (DSP) measurement, directly leading to improvements in media efficiency for your brand. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the Amazon marketplace, these dashboards are intuitive enough for all users and powerful enough to meet sophisticated analytical needs. In conclusion, as we navigate through an era where data is king, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to leverage such tools to stay competitive.

See some of the available use cases. 

Day Parting

Utilize Day Parting to learn what times of the day your brand gets the most attention and drive sales of your advertised products.

Audience Overlap

Leverage your data on reports to drive insights into the best strategies, combinations, and overlap between search and display investments that meet your KPIs.

The introduction of AMC Dashboards to J+ Commerce marks a step forward for us as a company and paves the way for brands seeking greater success on Amazon. We look forward to seeing how this new feature elevates your brand strategy and unlocks new avenues of growth.

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