We're part of Ad Net Zero

Hannah Dempsey

VP marketing, Jellyfish

The climate crisis has become an increasingly important topic in the digital ecosystem in recent years, as consumers, brands and their partners are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact.

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we’re thrilled to announce our membership to Ad Net Zero, a UK-based initiative aimed at creating a more sustainable future for advertising. We’re strengthening our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of advertising and promoting a more eco-friendly industry.

Ad Net Zero is an industry-led initiative launched by the Advertising Association and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) in November 2020. The initiative aims to bring the advertising industry together to tackle the environmental impact of advertising and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from advertising by 2030. The initiative sets out five key action areas, including reducing the carbon impact of production, materials and waste and promoting sustainable consumption.

Our membership to Ad Net Zero reinforces our commitment to sustainable advertising practices. Led by Celine Craipeau, Senior Director, Brand Strategy and Philip Lusher, Director, Operations at Jellyfish, we have been actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices across all our operations. They have implemented various measures to achieve this, including reducing energy consumption, sourcing renewable energy, and promoting sustainable procurement. We are also in the process of integrating carbon emissions measurement into all our products and are currently developing media methodologies that allow for carbon reduction at scale.

Joining Ad Net Zero is a key milestone in our journey towards more sustainable advertising practices. We believe that every company is responsible for reducing its environmental impact, and we're committed to doing our part to achieve a more sustainable future. We're excited to work with Ad Net Zero and other industry leaders to drive change and create a more sustainable advertising industry.

Rick Lamb, Managing Director UK, Jellyfish

We’re not alone in our sustainability pledge. More companies across the advertising industry are taking steps towards sustainability and decarbonising their emissions. In recent years, there has been growing awareness of the environmental impact of advertising, with consumers and stakeholders demanding more eco-friendly practices.