We’re preparing the world for technology, data and privacy updates through technology solutions


Jellyfish Insights

Jellyfish Technology Solutions will work closely alongside some of our key partners such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to prepare businesses and clients for the technological, data and privacy updates to come in 2021 and beyond.

With digital transformation taking a quantum leap following the coronavirus pandemic – global adoption of partially or fully digitalised products and services accelerated by seven years in 2020 alone.

Our Chief Solutions Officer for Technology Solutions Benjamin Pipat and a senior team of technologists will lead a series of projects to develop and enhance our proprietary technologies and SaaS products.

Thanks to our recent acquisitions, we are now home to a dozen market-leading technologies in Paid Media, Analytics, eCommerce, SEO and Creative such as ReeportSeelkMyposeo and SafetyNet. These solutions give us an increasing edge in terms of performance, efficiency and consistency for the development and the operation of global digital projects of clients.

Pipat said: “There was a time, not so long ago, when agencies relied on tech. Or at least claimed to. In 2021, the situation is radically different. Technologies and processes are becoming so complex that you need to have the right size, tools and experts to deliver high-quality, scalable and consistent outcomes. To solve this problem across all capabilities, we are doubling down on building, deploying and scaling our proprietary technologies to enhance brands’ performance and unlock the potential of digital platforms

Jellyfish Technology Solutions includes six of our VPs and previous tech founders, bringing together over 90 years of experience in engineering, AI and digital technology that span several markets across the globe – UK, US, Brazil, France, Israel, Ukraine, and India.

Want to know how our technology solutions can help you navigate data and privacy challenges over the next few years? Contact us!