Amazon Fashion Driving brand awareness through tactical talent content

Driving brand awareness through tactical talent content

Discover how Amazon Fashion became the go-to destination in 2023 for summer and travel gear for Milenials and Gen Z audiences.


Amazon Fashion wasn't front of mind for Gen Z and Millennial shoppers when it came to summer or travel wear. Jellyfish were challenged to position Amazon Fashion as the go-to destination in 2023 for summer and travel gear for Millennials and Gen Z in UK/DE/FR/IT/ES markets.

Jellyfish solution

We created an 8-week social-first campaign to inspire new and existing customers around the 2023 Summer Collection with a message of self-expression, body positivity and rejecting stereotypes, delivered through an activation that leverages innovative and platform-native formats, talent and behaviours.

We worked with our partners to recruit 13 talent in both the UK and Germany to generate authentic content and drive fan engagement.

Our campaign was broken across two creative themes:

  • Glossy studio shoot lookbook
  • Self-shot creator lead concept playing on the ‘what I ordered, what I got’ social trend




Impressions 87% over target


CPM 44% lower than planned


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