Aviva and Jelylfish: Building brand through award-winning digital transformation

Building brand through award-winning digital transformation

To engage audiences, Jellyfish delivered cutting-edge digital and brilliantly effective creative, supported by intelligent practices and smart workflows.


Aviva Investors is a leading, global asset management company with a strong belief in the power of integration and collaboration to create opportunity. Partnering with Jellyfish, Aviva Investors is also on the road to becoming a truly digital-first business.


Together, we are transforming the way they engage their audiences through cutting-edge digital and brilliantly effective creative, supported by intelligent practices and smart workflows. We help Aviva Investors stand out in the competitive B2B financial community. 

The Outcome

Website: Through embedding an agile team within Aviva Investors, we designed an award-winning, audience-responsive global website with user experience at its heart, alongside dramatically streamlined internal processes.  We continue to work together to enhance the site and to ensure Aviva Investors stays ahead of the competition through client-centric, digital innovation.

Creative Campaigns & Initiatives: We create and produce cutting-edge digital campaigns that push for firsts in this market and increase customer engagement with the brand and its products. From adapting ideas that ‘began’ in print to 3D digital experiences, through to fully originated, designed and produced creative, we are proud to be Aviva Investors’ lead digital creative agency. We’ve helped them achieve a consistent and increasingly recognised brand look and feel across a myriad of digital activity and channels, on a global basis.

“Our new website provides a beautifully designed, simple experience for our clients. The collaboration on this project has been exceptional.”

Isla MacKenzie, Global Head of Marketing, Aviva Investors

Award Winning and Outstanding Results

Session increase of 26%

Returning visitors increase of 39%

New users increase of 18%

Investment Week's Marketing Campaign of the Year 2022

A growing partnership

In an industry built on the strength of relationships, Aviva Investors knows the value of great teamwork. Here at Jellyfish, we are an extension of their business. Working closely together, we inspire and support each other to achieve more as a business and as people.
Working together. Growing together.


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